You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort to use your phone.

It was cold today. And when I say cold, I mean our high temperature was 11º F and our low was 2º F. It’s the coldest its been here in our part of the United States in four years according to our local meteorologists. It’s the type of cold that makes your skin hurt as soon as your bare skin hits the frigid air. With this type of weather, it’s recommended that people cover up any part of their bodies that might come into contact with the outside air. With that in mind, it’s important to have a good set of gloves. For me, I need something that is flexible enough to drive in and will allow me to be able to still use my touchscreen phone. With that in mind, I invested in a pair of Glider Gloves.

Glider Gloves are gloves that are designed to work with touchscreen devices and keep your hands warm. While Glider Gloves offer several different styles, I opted to go with the Urban Style. They are made of nylon, acrylic, spandex, and copper-based conductive yarns. The copper yarns are interwoven and they are what make the gloves able to work with your touchscreen devices. The Urban Style Glider Gloves also include an anti-slip grip on the palms of the gloves to keep you from losing a grip on your device. The grip is made of silicone.

Glider Gloves Copper Infused Touch Screen Gloves REVIEW

The gloves arrived in a simple plastic box with some minor branding and product details included. According to the packaging, the gloves were designed in Canada and made in Sri Lanka. Because of the Canadian origins of the product, both French and English languages are on the box. There are no instructions included with the gloves, but product care can be found on the tag included inside the left-hand glove (hand wash, flat dry. Do not tumble dry.).

These gloves only come in one color (black), but Glider Gloves offers other styles in various colors. I ordered the gloves in size large because I have long fingers and standard gloves usually don’t fit me very well. The large was a perfect fit for my fingers and hand, but I did notice that there was some extra fabric here and there on the glove that created a bit of pouch. This made the gloves feel a little ‘baggy’ on my hand. If they had been a little more form-fitting, they would have been perfect for me. As it is, I still consider the fit ‘good’.

Glider Gloves Copper Infused Touch Screen Gloves REVIEW

iPhone 7: This was my primary method of testing since it’s the device I use the most. The phone was able to detect my finger when I tried to unlock the phone with Touch ID. Unfortunately, it couldn’t read my fingerprint (this wasn’t a surprise to me), but it did register that I tapped the home button and I was able to input my passcode. It was a little difficult to type and text, but this was because my gloves were a little baggy. The phone could register taps and touches, but it wasn’t quite as sensitive as my bare skin. I also wasn’t able to use my Swipe keyboard.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar: This test was surprising to me. On a whim, I put one of my gloves on and tried to turn the brightness up on my laptop. It worked! I was able to use the Glider Gloves with the Touch Bar.

Glider Gloves Copper Infused Touch Screen Gloves REVIEW

Being that this was the coldest day on record for my area in more than four years, it was the perfect time to try out the warmth factor of the Urban Style Glider Gloves. To test out their insulation abilities, I decided to walk from my house to my car with nothing on my hands. This was not a very long walk, but it still caused my hands to tingle because of the bitter cold. After my 10-minute commute to work, my car had warmed up and so had my hands. So, I slipped the gloves on to walk into my office building. Even though I could perceive a bit of cold air coming through the gloves, I would say that they do provide quite a bit of warmth for your hands. My hands did not tingle or feel cramped up from the cold winter air after wearing the Glider Gloves.

I can wholeheartedly recommend these gloves for the smartphone user. They grip very well, are wonderful to drive with, and they keep your hands warm. For $15, you can have a powerhouse of a glove that allows you to keep your hands comfortable while providing you a way to still be productive.


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