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About us.

MacSources began in 2012 with the mission of providing high-quality product reviews that were based on real-life experiences. Our founders, Nicholas and Robyn, were tired of seeing nothing but rumors about product releases being posted on tech sites. So, they launched MacSources. 

Our site started small. We reviewed a lot of free apps for iOS in the early days, but we’ve grown leaps and bounds since then and work with some premium brands such as Jabra, Twelve South, Nomad, Zagg, Mophie, and Netgear – just to name a few. 

Where did the name come from? 

As you might guess, the “Mac” of Mac Sources refers to Apple products and the “Sources” is in reference to the word resources. Mac Sources was originally designed with the idea of becoming a hub, or resource, for all Apple products and accessories that were related. Nicholas and Robyn are both Apple fanatics and they never miss a product release or live news event. They have both been known to sleep in their cars or camp out for iPhone launches. In fact, Robyn’s first iPad was a birthday gift from Nicholas! She was so surprised, she cried. (Did we mention they are a couple?) 

More than Macs

Even though we are still Apple-centric, especially when it comes to hardware, Mac Sources writers create content about all types of consumer goods these days. We love technology and even though it’s at the heart of what we review, you will also find home goods and healthcare products in the mix. 

How do you rate?

As you may have seen on the site, we rate each product we review. We like to focus on three main areas – ease of use, design, and price. We’ve found that those are the most asked about features from consumers. While we have that group of core features that will always be scored, sometimes additional features such as battery life (for example) might be included. The percentage you see stamped on the review is an average from all the rated features included. In addition to the scored percentage, we provide a ‘verdict,’ or descriptor word, that will instantly provide the final thoughts on the product. What viewers will see are the words, Great, Good, Ok, Poor, and Terrible.   

Who do you work with?

We connect with brands directly or through their designated Public Relations company. While we do receive product samples from these contacts, we have never, and will never, charged a fee to complete a review.

Our Logo


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