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Gaming has come a long way since the 1980s and we explore all types of games within this category including mobile games, console games, gaming accessories, and even arcade games.

BIGBIG WON Rainbow 2 Pro Elite Wireless Gaming Controller

The Rainbow 2 Pro Elite Wireless Gaming Controller is the latest addition to the BigBig Won’s product lineup. Its design mimics the classic Xbox controller design and with a sleek, ergonomic design, it offers a comfortable grip that allows for hours of uninterrupted gameplay. Users can connect to the controller through a 2.4Ghz wireless connection or chose the wired option.

RiotPWR ESL Gaming Controller

The RiotPWR ESL Gaming Controller allows users to play mobile games as they would on a console. The design of the controller mimics modern console controllers. It features a solid comfortable grip, two joysticks, a D-pad, and X-Y-A-B/select/start buttons.