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MacSources is an independently owned and operated website. When you advertise with us, you ensure that we can continue bring you relevant technology news and consumer product reviews to our readers. Since 2012, we have written about technology because it’s something we love. MacSources is a home for apps and gadgets to be showcased and not hidden among rumors that are nothing more than clickbait.

Because we are now — and always will be — an independent website, we rely on advertisers’ and sponsors’ contributions to maintain our site and help us to grow. If you have a product or service you’d like to see featured to an audience of approximately 100,000 unique monthly readers and thousands of social media followers, please contact us!


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We offer several different options for advertising with MacSources. Please note: we do not allow links to be placed into existing articles and we must receive payment prior to posting any type of advertisement.

Sponsored Post: A published article about your product or service. The requirements for the articles are listed below. $100.00 USD per post for a 3-year term

  • Must be at least 600 words in length
  • Must be provided by the sponsor
  • Topics are the choice of the sponsor, but please relate it to technology in some way
  • We do not allow any sort of “adult,” “CBD,”  or questionable material to be posted or promoted within sponsored articles.
  • You may include up to 3 links in the article. Your focused link will be dofollow, but any related links may be published as nofollow.
  • We never tag our articles as ’sponsored,’ but they are posted with the author ‘Guest Submission’ and placed in our ‘Contributors’ category. That should not have any bearing on how the article is indexed by search engines as it is just how our CMS organizes posts.
  • We do reserve the right to insert an internal link into your post if we choose to.

Banner Ad: These ads appear on an article page and is a static image that can link to your product or website. The image and link must be provided by you. The size of this ad is 728 x 90 pixels. $250 USD per month

SideBar Ad: These ads appear on every article, every time they are opened. The ad is a static image that can link to your product or website. The image and link must be provided by you. When we publish an article, we send the direct link out to our social media channels and this produces a higher volume of visitors to individual articles. The size of this ad is 300 x 250 pixels. $350 USD per month 

If you don’t have an image or a banner, we have design services available at very reasonable prices. If you would like to advertise with MacSources, please contact us for more information. Business inquiries only.

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