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I am an experienced marketing professional and published novelist. I'm also an avid movie fan and Apple enthusiast. To read my novel, follow this link. Shattered [Kindle Edition]

Internxt Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is solid, but subscription model is questionable. If you search ‘cloud storage’ on Google, you get approximately 1.4 billion search results. Among the top results are Google Cloud and Dropbox. Both of these services are well-known in this space but how secure are they? Can their servers see the data you are storing in your private drive space? These are questions that until recently, I never thought to ask about cloud storage. Fortunately, there are alternative cloud storage opportunities that offer end-to-end file encryption instead of just at-rest encryption. One such service is Internxt. About Internxt Internxt is a secure,…

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online gaming

As of 2024, the gaming industry continues to grow, with new technologies evolving, including cloud gaming, which allows gamers to stream games without the need for robust software. Plus, there is a surge of new gaming platforms that aim to provide a seamless and immersive experience. For example, iGaming, one of the most anticipated gaming industries, includes a wide range of activities such as casino games like blackjack and roulette, often featured on no deposit bonus casinos, as well as popular forms of entertainment such as sports betting and fantasy sports. Significant players like Meta with Quest 3 and Apple with…

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Apple Vision Pro Light Seal

Vision Pro Light Seal fitting process needs refinements. In the past 17 days, we have driven more than 1,000 miles trying to get the proper Light Seal for our Apple Vision Pro. What we’ve determined is that one size does not fit all and that Apple needs to figure out a better process for this part of the Apple Vision Pro. I do want to say that with a couple of small exceptions, the Apple employees we worked with were trying to help as much as they could. We did have a few store employees who didn’t seem to be…

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Organize your thoughts effortlessly with SnipNotes, the innovative note-taking app designed for busy people on the go. In a world where information is constantly bombarding our senses from all directions, the need for efficient note-taking has never been more crucial. Imagine being in a meeting, trying to capture every important point while also juggling multiple thoughts racing through your mind. Or perhaps you’re a student who wants to organize lecture notes, research findings, and personal reflections in one seamless platform. This is where SnipNotes comes into play. I have been using it for quite a while and find it to…

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Since the beginning of civilization, art has remained a way for people to communicate and share their perspectives with the world. This hasn’t changed. It has just become better with the advent of technology. Since artificial intelligence has stepped in, the world of art has seen a transformative revolution. Artificial intelligence, when mixed with human creativity, can work wonders and create stunning art way faster and better. If you are a designer or an artist looking to explore AI, read this guide to find out how to create stunning art faster using it. Use AI-Generated Prompts One of the challenges…

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Comfier Lumbar Support Pillow with Vibration and Heat

Lumbar Support Pillow provides targeted vibration and heat therapy for soothing back relief. Nearly 4 years ago, I began working from home and my office chair became like a second home to me. I try to get up as much as possible, but since all my meetings and connection with my co-workers happens at my desk, I need to make sure I have a comfortable place to sit. I’ve got an extra large gaming chair that provides a decent amount of support for long periods of time, but since I have a chronic back problem (sciatica) I end up with some moderate…

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