Proper Power Portable Battery is a great, stylish accessory for any user.

Since smartphones became mainstream and ‘the norm,’ there has been a great lack of power as far as users are concerned. The more features a phone has, the more power it consumes. We all strive for the best possible battery life and we do every thing to conserve that power. Some people turn off features like Location Services in order to keep your phone in a ‘low power’ mode. For these reasons, I am glad that the accessory and power industries caught up with the need and started producing power banks for the average everyday user.

There are some high capacity power banks out there that weigh 2 or 3 times as much as the cell phone they are powering. I have a hard time calling something ‘portable’ at that point. That’s why I’m glad the Proper Power Portable Battery is available. It answers the call for a sleek, powerful, portable battery to accompany smartphones.

Proper Power Portable Battery Review

The Proper Power is designed to do more according to the product’s tagline. It has a protective aluminum unibody shell that fits right in with the Apple motif. The battery is incredibly thin – only 11.5mm thick. As a basis for comparison, the iPhone 6 is 7.1mm thick. The battery is 9000 mAh and can effectively charge and iPhone 6 nearly 5 times before needing a charge itself. The battery has 4 LED indicator lights that are labeled according to power level on the battery – 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%. This is actually a great feature in my opinion because it takes the guess work out of where the battery is in its charge cycle.

As far as function goes, Prosper Power does a great job of keeping things simple. There is one standard USB port for charging your devices and one Micro USB intake port for charging the battery. The Proper Power does come packaged with a small charging cable. Once you have your device plugged in, you simply tap the power button and the device starts charging. The battery is slim enough to slide into your pocket while your iPhone is connected and charging.

Proper Power Portable Battery Review

When I test out batteries, there are three main things I look out for – portability, speedy charging, and heat. So far, the Proper Power passes the portability test with flying colors. When I was testing it out, I plugged my iPhone into it and tossed the pair into my bag and drove to a local pizza place for dinner. The cable didn’t disconnect and my phone received a charge very quickly from that trip. The battery also received a passing grade on the second test – speedy charging. My phone gained about 1% of battery power for every minute it was charging. The last test – heat – is usually where even the best batteries fail. I will usually overlook some heat transfer as there is an exchange of energy happening when you charge, but with the Proper Power battery, there was no perceived heat – at all.

The Proper Power Portable Battery has impressed me at every turn. It passed all my tests and has really been great to use. There are a lot of times where I will test a battery out and then cast it aside, but the Proper Power battery will remain in my active collection for quite some time.

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