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We are excited to announce the launch of the Indiegogo funding page for TYLT’s newest product, the ENERGI Desktop Charging Station. The five-port charging station ensures the entire family, or multi-gadget power users, all have one place to conveniently and quickly charge all their devices.

There are a lot of choices out there for external batteries. Some are large capacity and some are just enough for one extra charge of your phone. The kind I prefer? The ones that are perfect for emergencies. It’s actually pretty amazing how small batteries can get.

There are certain items around the house that you just can’t seem to have enough of. For me, it’s power strips. We have so many devices that require power that we always seem to run out of outlets and power strips.

Many years ago, I traveled to Europe. This was the summer of 1997 and mobile devices just weren’t popular or mainstream yet. Times have changed and nearly everyone carries a mobile phone, tablet and/or laptop with them when they travel.

This is one of those devices that I find myself no knowing I need until I see it. Many of us with a lot of tech have some outlet in the house that is full of USB chargers for our devices.