EC Technology battery great choice for multiple devices.

EC Technology 22400mAh External Battery 2If there is one constant in technology life it’s power. No matter how much devices evolve, they will always need something to power them. I am in somewhat of a love affair with battery packs. They are wonderful accessories and I think anyone with a mobile device should have at least one for emergencies. This one from EC Technology is a very strong, high capacity battery.

This 23,400 mAh battery is a bit of an extreme for most power needs, but when you are trying to be portable – let’s say at a convention – and you have two or three devices to power, this size battery comes in very handy. It has three standard USB ports on it and they are pre-labeled for iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Tab. Even though they are pre-labeled, you don’t have to use only those devices with this charger. The iPhone port has an output of 1A, while the Samsung Tab port produces 2A, and the iPad port puts out 2.4A. As long as the devices you are charging meet those power requirements, you can plug them into the designated port.

EC Technology 22400mAh External Battery 3The charging ports are ‘rapid’ charging, which save you time in the long run. It’s also nice that this battery features the ability to simultaneously charge multiple devices at once. So, how does the rapid charge work with the iPhone 6? Well, one of my tests was a standard speed test for charging. I plugged my phone in and only used it minimally for a period of 30 minutes. After that time, I found that my battery had gained 27% power. I would say that since I used my phone a bit while charging that an average of 1% battery gain per minute is pretty accurate. As a bonus, the battery never got hot or even warm to the touch.

Now that I’ve discussed the functionality of the EC Technology battery pack, I want to touch on its size. I mentioned that carrying a battery like this is preferable to several smaller ones. While that is true, you should realize that this 22,400 mAh battery pack is a behemoth and weighs around 480 grams – almost four times the amount of an iPhone 6. It’s a bit longer than an iPhone 6 and about 2.5 times as thick. Even though it’s larger than the average battery, it still fits inside regular pouches in most laptop bags.

EC Technology 22400mAh External Battery 5One additional feature to this battery pack is its LED flashlight. It’s a steady-on light to help in dark places as well as an SOS emergency light. While some may not find this a good add-on, I think it’s a nice convenience to have a flashlight with you without having a separate device. There are also four LED power indicator lights on the top of the power bank that show how much charge is left in the battery. When the battery is charging, the lights will blink. You do have to be sure to turn the battery off (by holding in the power button on the side until the LED indicator lights turn off) because the power bank will stay on until you do.

The EC Technology 22400mAh External Battery is a really good option for people who travel or just carry multiple devices with them. It’s affordable and very competitive price-wise with other batteries of this capacity.

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