Moxyo Showtime Glitter Glass provides protection and glamour but still allows you to see the screen.

I didn’t consider screen protectors for my iPhone to be an accessory that added anything besides protection. Moxyo decided to add some flare to glass screen protectors, which has now changed that perception. There is the added benefit of protection from scratches, cracks, and normal daily use, but it adds a little bit of fun as well.

I want to start off with pointing out that my first impression of the concept of having a glitter screen protector left me skeptical that I would still be able to see my iPhone screen without any compromise to the clarity. When I took it out of the packaging I still had that doubt in my mind but I figured it would prove me wrong. Included with the Showtime screen protector is nicely put together instructions that would make it easy even for someone who has never put one on before. First, I used the cloth provided to get all fingerprints and smudges off. There are stickers provided as well that allow you to pick up dust particles that are left behind. That’s basically everything you need to do before you prepare your iPhone to place it.

Moxyo Showtime Glitter Glass Screen Protector

I removed the film that covered the adhesive side of the glass. There are two small flaps on the screen protector that you can hold onto so you don’t get a fingerprint on the adhesive side and allows you to easily hold while finding the proper placement. Once I had it lined up I pressed it down and the air underneath began to dissipate. I let the air come out before I went to start using pressure with the cloth to see how well the protector managed to not hold air. I have had some installations of screen protectors not go so well and this is by far is the best one I’ve ever done. I don’t know if it was me or the case but I was pleased with the ease of it. The glitter is very fine looking and not overwhelming. It adds a touch of femininity and since it is more of a subtle type of glitter I feel comfortable having it my phone. I’m happy to say that when I go to use my phone it disappears. It has an effect similar to privacy screen protectors when you look at it from certain angles you can see it.

Moxyo Showtime Glitter Glass Screen Protector

After I had it installed I showed it to several people and they thought it was very nice looking. It’s one of those small things that catch people’s eye and sparks curiosity because it’s cute and isn’t something that I haven’t really seen people using before. Not only that I have to say the glass has been durable thus far. I’ve used glass protectors and had to trash them after two days because they crack even without a drop.

Moxyo Showtime Glitter Glass Screen Protector

Overall I’m really impressed that my iPhone screen is still visible even with the glitter screen protector. I would recommend this for someone in the market for a glass screen protector and enjoys fun accessories. The screen protector is available for the iPhone 6/6 Plus and 7/7 Plus.

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