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When I get new Apple products, I try my best to keep them in tip-top shape. One of the best ways to do that is to keep them in cases and covered with screen protectors. I know a lot of people would rather not do that because it prevents people from seeing the natural condition of the phone, but I prefer to know my devices are well-protected. This past fall, I decided to upgrade my Apple Watch to the Series 6. Because it’s been a couple of years since I updated my watch, I decided to add on a screen protector. While there are many different brands to choose from, I prefer to use Invisible Shield screen protectors. They released a new screen protector when the Series 6 Apple Watch was announced so I upgraded to the GlassFusion+ which is an extreme hybrid glass screen protector.



The GlassFusion+ is designed for the Apple Watch Series 6, SE, 5, and 4. It’s considered a ‘case-friendly’ screen protector and it is available for 40mm and 44mm watch sizes. The screen protector combines military-strength materials with the aesthetic properties of glass for the ultimate protection for your Apple Watch. Because the material used to make the screen protector is flexible, shock gets absorbed and impact is dispersed before it hits your device’s screen. GlassFusion+ won’t chip and InvisibleShield makes the application simple. The screen protector has anti-bacterial technology applied to it that kills 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria. There is a not on the box that states, “It does not directly protect the user from exposure to bacteria or provide additional health benefits.” The protector has a smooth finish and 100% clarity. It’s also covered by InvisibleShield’s limited lifetime warranty. 

WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty
Military GradeYes
Glass-like SurfaceYes
Weight0.1 lb
Shock ResistantNo
What’s in the BoxInvisibleShield, Instructions, Cleaning Wipe, Microfiber Cloth, EZ Apply Tray, Dust Removal Sticker
  • InvisibleShield-GlassFusionPlus-AppleWatch


The GlassFusion+ comes in an InvisibleShield branded box. The front of the box has an illustration of the screen protector pictures along with some details of the product. The back illustrates the anti-bacterial properties of the screen protector and the extreme shatter protection, too. I was impressed with the kit that came along with the screen protector. I’ve done my fair share of screen installations in the past and while it’s become a trend for phone screen protectors to come with an EZ apply tray, I’ve not seen that with an Apple Watch screen protector until now. 

The first step to the installation is to clean the watch. The kit comes with an alcohol wipe, but before you do that, I would recommend going over the entire watch with a nonabrasive, lint-free cloth and some water. The sensor on the back of the watch can get quite dirty over time. Even if you clean your watch regularly, this is a good time to make sure your watch is in good shape. I also recommend removing your watch band. You can install the screen protector with it on, but I found it easier without the band on. Once you have used the alcohol wipe and dried the watch with the lint-free cloth provided in the kit, you can position the EZ Apply Tray on the watch. The instructions actually suggest using the dust removal sticker before putting the tray on the watch, but I saved the sticker to use right before I applied the screen protector since dust can get kicked up easily until you place the screen protector in place. 

After using the sticker to remove a few stray pieces of dust and lint, I pulled the liner away from the back of the screen protector and laid it in place. Once the screen protector had adhered to the surface, I removed the installation tray and used the squeegee to push out any air bubbles I saw. Then, I used the alcohol wipe to wipe the watch and screen protector down one more time before putting the watch back on my wrist. 

InvisibleShield makes the installation of screen protectors very easy to manage and the GlassFusion+ for Apple Watch was no exception to that. I’ve been very happy with how well the screen protector fits the Apple Watch face and I’m very impressed with how well it blends into the watch. So far, the screen protector has done a good job living up to its features. I’m pretty prone to bumping my wrist against doorways in our house and until I had the screen protector in place, I was getting a nice collection of scratches on my watch’s face. I’m grateful to have it protected again. 


While I understand the drive that some people have to keep their devices natural and case/protector-free, I will always recommend that people protect their investments with accessories like the GlassFusion+ for Apple Watch. It’s easy to install and it gets the job done. It does have a premium-level price tag, but I think it’s worth the investment for premium protection. 

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