A stylish, professional backpack with ample storage.

Kensington LM150 Laptop Backpack Review 3I am a backpack nut. My wife says that I have a problem with backpacks. She’s probably right as I seem to own way too many of them. In my work in IT, a good backpack isn’t just nice – it’s an absolute necessity. When I travel to do onsite work for a client, I may be carrying as many as four laptops and ten or more portable hard drives not to mention all of the thumb drives, cables, tablets, pens, etc.

Kensington LM150 Laptop Backpack Review 4The two most important things in a backpack to me is the storage configuration and how comfortable it is to carry. The Kensington LM150 wins in both of these areas as it is very comfortable on your back and it has a lot of different compartments for storing a laptop with up to 15.6” screen and an iPad or other large tablet.

Kensington LM150 Laptop Backpack Review 5Every thing is easy to get to and the look of the backpack is very stylish and professional. I personally do not love the color of the unit I reviewed as it is a gray weave pattern that put me in mind of a 90’s business power suite, but that is a personal opinion of taste and does not take away from how nice this backpack is. I looked around, but could not find this backpack offered in a different color, so in that regard, it will be your taste or not it seems.

Kensington LM150 Laptop Backpack Review 6A couple of cool features to point out are the inclusion of a phone and iPod pouch inside the backpack and a hole to feed your headphones out of the side; Plus, a semi hidden pocket on the back side that is big enough for a wallet, etc. Usually this type of pocket is on the very front of the backpack, which makes it an obvious target for thieves in crowded space. A lot of people stick money and other small valuables there and it can often be opened with the wearer never noticing. With the Kensington LM150, it would be very difficult for someone to access the side pocket with the wearer noticing.

All in all, this is a nice backpack. My only real complaint is the apparent lack of additional color choices.

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