The AccuVoice TV Speaker makes it easier to hear television dialogue

Over time, I’ve become more aware that I have a slight issue with hearing.  As far as watching television, I have grown more attached to using my MacBook Pro to stream shows instead of watching it on my television because of the close proximity or wearing headphones.  Even with a speaker system, lower conversations, and deep-toned voices would require me to turn up the volume, only to be blasted with a loud noise on the next scene.  Using the AccuVoice speaker, I feel dialogue is much clearer and I’m not straining to hear certain things or adjusting the volume, which makes me enjoy using the TV.

ZVOX AccuVoice TV Speaker REVIEW Great for the Hearing Impaired

The AccuVoice solid black speaker is 17 inches long and I installed it under my TV on the entertainment center. Included with the speaker are an optical digital cable, 3.5mm cable, RCA cable, remote, power cord, and instructions.  The set up was extremely simple and the first-time user-friendly.  The thing that sets this speaker apart from others and where the AccuVoice name is derived is ZVOX’s proprietary technology that functions similar to hearing aids.  Even though the speaker small it omits as much sound as larger ones and is able to do so by having an aluminum casing.

ZVOX AccuVoice TV Speaker REVIEW Great for the Hearing ImpairedZVOX AccuVoice TV Speaker REVIEW Great for the Hearing Impaired

The first thing I tried out was going back and forth between my television sound and the AccuVoice.  The Accuvoice had significantly better quality sound and had no doubt that it would.  Then I compared it to the older speaker that I had and I noticed a huge difference in voice quality.  It really clarified what was being said and didn’t just amplify sound.  The older sound bar seems to amplify all over sound but speech still can be hidden due to other sounds in the program.  The Accuvoice seems to bring the speech to the front and doesn’t allow it to be drowned out.

ZVOX AccuVoice TV Speaker REVIEW Great for the Hearing Impaired

Then I wanted to see if there was any difference in the types of programs being viewed.  I notice differences in channels, programs, and age of show without a speaker and I wanted to make sure it’s able to make a difference in all of them.  I noticed a difference in a majority of what I watched. There was an increase in clarity in the audio.  It really is nice that it doesn’t just make everything louder(it does have better sound than the television alone), but sharpens the vocals.

ZVOX AccuVoice TV Speaker REVIEW Great for the Hearing Impaired

The Zvox Accuvoice speaker did impress me and did work in the way that it claimed.  I think this is beneficial for me, and would also be for people with more trouble hearing than I do.  The company has a 1-year warranty and I feel this is something that people can benefit from.

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