Excellent accessory pack for GoPro users.

Many of the products that I review are somewhat simple in purpose, but complex in the benefits that they provide. In the case of the Zookki Accessory Kit for GoPro, the product itself is simple and complex at the same time. Simple because it’s just a bunch of straps and mounts to attach a GoPro to to a lot of different objects; complex because the amount of objects you can connect to with this GoPro accessory kit is ridiculous!

Zookki Accessory Kit for GoPro Review 3Before I begin trying to explain what this kit will let you do, let’s take a quick inventory of what you get:

  • 1 x ZOOKKI Head Belt Strap Mount
  • 1 x ZOOKKI Chest Belt Strap Mount
  • 1 x ZOOKKI Rotating Wrist Strap Mount
  • 1 x ZOOKKI Extendable Handle Monopod
  • 1 x ZOOKKI Car Suction Cup Mount
  • 1 x ZOOKKI Helmet Strap Mount
  • 1 x ZOOKKI Remote Control Wrist Strap
  • 1 x ZOOKKI Flexible Octopus Stand Tripod
  • 1 x ZOOKKI Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm(With Surface Quick Release Buckle)
  • 2 x ZOOKKI Bike Handlebar Holder Mount
  • 2 x ZOOKKI Tripod Mount Adapter
  • 2 x ZOOKKI Surface J-Hook Buckle
  • 3 x ZOOKKI Surface Quick Release Buckle
  • 4 x ZOOKKI Adapters(2 x long + 2 x short)
  • 4 x ZOOKKI Flat & 4 x Arc Mounts
  • 11 x ZOOKKI Screws Bolts(9 x long + 2 x short)
  • 20 x ZOOKKI adhesive pad(10 for Flat & 10 for Curved Mounts)

Zookki Accessory Kit for GoPro Review 4So basically if you are a biking, sky diving, horse riding, car racing, gun shooting, martial artist and an international spy on the weekends, you can record all of that and then some with this GoPro kit.

It would be virtually impossible to try and cover all of the usage scenarios of this kit, so instead I’m going to focus on the quality of the parts and materials.

This kit includes a head, chest, wrist, helmet, and remote control wrist strap. The straps are made of nylon with adjustable plastic clips. The material feels strong and well made and did not tear or loosen during my testing. The mount options vary depending on what enclosure you are using for your GoPro, but all of the combinations I tried felt secure.

Zookki Accessory Kit for GoPro Review 5Monopod/Tripod/Handlebar Mount
The mounts all have a solid feel to them and in all of my tests, they securely connected to my GoPro. I particularly like the flexible octopus stand tripod as it offers a lot of on the fly mounting options in a small package. This thing will coil around just about anything and it’s joint are very strong when attached to another object.

Flat/Curved Mounts and Adhesive Pads
These mounts and pads are for sticking your GoPro onto a variety of different objects where clamps and twist mounts are not an option. The adhesive is strong (3M type) and holds well. This gives you virtually limitless options to attach your GoPro anywhere.

Other Stuff
You also get a suction cup car mount, universal screw bolts, adapters, and two quick release buckles. All of the included accessories are of a high quality and performed well. This GoPro kit has an average rating of 5 Stars and I can see why.

Final Thoughts
This GoPro accessory kit is an excellent value, especially at the current price. It would make an excellent addition to the accessories for anyone using their GoPro to film their adventures, no matter what they are.