Super wide camera gives you optimal viewing angles

Personal security cameras are becoming more and more popular these days. You just never know when to expect the unexpected. A couple of weeks ago, my family and I took a vacation. We were out of town for an entire week and even though we had people checking on the house, I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the house completely unattended without having cameras set up near the major thoroughfares in the house. Thankfully, nothing out of the ordinary occurred.

There are a lot of choices for home WiFi cameras but I’m here to tell you that some work better than others and not all WiFi cameras are dependable. A little over a year ago, we reviewed the Zmodo Pivot camera, which has been a workhorse for us. It was a bit of an unknown when we welcomed it into our home, but it’s consistently been a solid security camera for us. Because of the success of the Pivot, I didn’t hesitate to add another WiFi camera from Zmodo to our arsenal. If you weren’t at CES 2017 then you wouldn’t have seen the giant 3,000 ft2 booth hosted by Zmodo displaying their entire line of products. The company has been creating smart devices since 2009 and like wine are getting better with age.

Zmodo Sight 180 Camera REVIEW

The Sight 180 is an impressive, lightweight HD camera that connects seamlessly to your WiFi and provides a solid signal to the scene in your target room at home. The Sight 180 is equipped with a 180º wide angle lens, 1080p HD video, two-way audio, motion detection, remote access, and night vision. It’s a powerful combination packed into a small package. The camera measures 5.1”x2.2”x1.6” and only weighs 5.4 ounces. The camera is powered by a 5V DC, 2A power adapter and it’s designed for indoor use.

180º Viewing Angle: Gives you a wide, detailed view of every corner in your home.

iOS and Android App Support: The Zmodo app is available for both operating systems and you have very smooth functionality within the app. You have the ability to view in portrait or landscape angles and can pinch-to-zoom into the video feed.

Full Duplex Two-Way Audio: The Sight 180 has a built-in speaker and microphone, which allows you to talk to and hear loved ones from your smartphone. The full duplex feature allows simultaneous two-way audio no matter where you are.

Motion Detection: The Sight 180 uses something called “smarter” motion detection, which records a short video clip whenever it detects motion. An alert is sent to your smartphone and you can share or save the moment for later use.

Zmodo Sight 180 Camera REVIEW

The Sight 180 has a lot going for it. In addition to being a very capable HD camera, Zmodo is also working on integration with Alexa for the camera. For me, the main benefit of having the Sight 180 is being able to have constant, high-quality video viewing of my home. Some people would prefer having video recording 100% of the time like a dash cam. For those users, Zmodo does offer a cloud service for a fee. Motion clips are saved to the cloud for 36 hours for free, but for more comprehensive coverage, Zmodo’s Cloud Service is offered for 24/7 footage storage in 30-day plans. There is a 30-day free trial available for the service.

Setup of the camera was very simple. There was no assembly required and once power was connected, the rest of the setup was done through the app. Because I was a previous user of Zmodo cameras, I already had the app downloaded and an account setup. Once the camera was connected to my network (I did have a couple of hiccups during that time), it automatically appeared as another camera within my Zmodo app.

The video feed is very clear. One unique aspect of the Sight 180 is that when you view it in Portrait mode, you have the option to move your phone side to side to see the entire spectrum of the camera’s view. It’s an interesting way of viewing and reminds me a lot of virtual reality video.

Zmodo Sight 180 Camera REVIEWZmodo Sight 180 Camera REVIEWZmodo Sight 180 Camera REVIEW

The Zmodo Sight 180 is a really great addition to our home security. It’s small so it fits nearly anywhere and it has such a great high-quality video feed that gives me peace of mind wherever I am. I’ve not had any connection issues with it thus far.

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