Zmodo Pivot Smart Camera is a great all-in-one solution for your home.

When I got my first apartment, my dad insisted on having a security system installed. I didn’t feel it was necessary at the time because I lived in a building where people had to be buzzed in and my apartment door had a deadbolt. He was being a bit overprotective, but now that I am a homeowner, I do see the merit in having some form of security built into our home’s ecosystem. And, being the multitasked that I am, I find that I like devices that have multiple uses – like WiFi Camera. As a category, most of them have similar features like viewing a room live, recording events to a cloud-based storage system, two-way audio, and nighttime vision. Some cameras are smaller than others and are meant to be virtually invisible, while others add some techie style to the room. The Zmodo Pivot camera takes all of these features and wraps it up with a nice, tidy bow. Plus, it add some more functionality into the mix.

Zmodo Pivot Smart Camera Review

The Zmodo Pivot is billed as an all-in-one smart home solution and it’s designed to do much more than just record video of a room in your house. With Pivot, you can monitor your home, stay connected to those you love, and even store events recorded by your camera. Even though Pivot is a very strong, capable HD security camera, it actually has a lot more features than that.

Camera – the camera has a 135-degree field of view and allows for 4x digital zoom. It records in 1080P HD video and has a 2.1mm lens. It’s a very advanced camera system and I’ve been incredibly impressed with its quality. The camera does support night vision up to 32 feet, too.

Zmodo Pivot Smart Camera Review

Rotation – Pivot is aptly named because it actually gives you a 360-degree view of your room. The camera will actually rotate 360 degrees when motion is detected AND it can detect motion in 360 degrees, too. You have the option of manually controlling the rotation and can pan to see all angles of the space Pivot lives in.

Sensors – Like some other modern competitors, Pivot has built-in humidity and temperature sensors. This helps you to have a complete view of your home’s health.

Audio – This is actually one of the more impressive parts of Pivot in my opinion. Not only does the device feature two-way audio and an internal microphone, but it also acts as a Bluetooth speaker. I wasn’t sure how good the audio quality would be, but I was pleasantly surprised by both the sound quality and the volume level. This could be a very nice alternative for homes or apartments that don’t have a whole lot of extra space.

Zmodo Pivot Smart Camera Review

Internal Storage – This was another feature that I greatly appreciated. Pivot has 16GB of internal storage. This means that you can record directly to it without having to pay for additional cloud storage, or without having to worry about a memory card. It’s all contained inside Pivot.

Zmodo has also designed Pivot to act as a hub for other smart Zmodo devices in your home. You can connect lighting, door bells, door and window sensors (Pivot actually comes packaged with two), or even air quality sensors to it so that Pivot can act as an all-in-one smart device for your home.

Zmodo Pivot Smart Camera Review

Pivot is very asy to use and is very comparable in price to its competitors. Set-up is done within about 5 minutes and you can easily just set it and forget it. It’s very low maintenance.  The motion detection works flawlessly and I love that you can turn the notifications on or off easily from the Zmodo app. The only comment is that it’s a little noisy when it detects movement. There is a very noticeable ‘click’ noise when it starts up and if it rotates, you know it’s rotating, but no WiFi camera is 100% silent.

Zmodo Pivot Smart Camera Review Zmodo Pivot Smart Camera Review Zmodo Pivot Smart Camera Review

Zmodo’s Pivot is a great option for any home or small office. I have had Pivot operational in my home now for some time and I really love having it as an option for security and connection to my home. It’s worked beautifully and I really don’t have any major complaints at all about this system.

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