Military-grade protection at an affordable price.

Just like 20 million or so people, I got my shiny new iPhone X over the weekend. Let’s just say it’s an amazing piece of technology. It’s the fastest, shiniest, most beautiful phone I have ever set my eyes or hands on. That being said, it is definitely the most expensive by quite a bit. After standing in line for over 12 hours to make sure that I got the exact one that I wanted, it has to be taken care of. I also still want my phone to look stylish while it’s being protected. There is no sense dealing with a broken phone when we have so many options out there. I also don’t want to pay an outrageous price just for a name.

Zizo Bolt Case for Apple iPhone X REVIEW

I settled on Zizo’s Bolt Case. With most other compatible cases you will definitely be paying way to much. I can get several Bolts for the price of most competitors. This makes my wallet and me smile as well, especially after the sticker price of the iPhone X. The Bolt is a two piece case, which made installation a lot easier than most. With previous cases, you feel like you are going to damage the phone during installation or whole routine cleaning and removal. It also means more to absorb drops and falls, and with the military grade drop testing done it shows quite a bit.

Zizo Bolt Case for Apple iPhone X REVIEW

One of the biggest fears most smartphones owners have is to drop your phone directly on the screen and having it shatter. Now, most cases are designed to protect the phone but is seriously lacking in this department. The Bolt case actually sticks out several millimeters past the screen, but without interfering with the overall use of the phone itself, giving much-needed assurance during those terrible moments directly after a drop. The glass screen protector included with the Bolt also adds to the durability of your iPhone X. It is a pretty standard tempered glass cover. The application is simple. Clean the screen and adhere the protector to the surface. While these are handy I’m not a fan of glass protectors, but I do understand the use and appeal to most people.

Zizo Bolt Case for Apple iPhone X REVIEW

The design of the Bolt doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the phone while still being stylish. The ridges running along the back help with gripping the phone to prevent accidental spills and drops. Also on the back is a kickstand for all of those impromptu binge-watching session at the office while we are supposed to be working.

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