Zeppelin Wireless Speaker provides premium sound with no hassle set-up.

Music has the ability to transport us to unique times and places. We may hear a song that was a favorite during childhood and instantly remember a friend or loved one that we hadn’t thought about in years. But, what happens if that music is distorted or low quality? It then becomes a distraction. The premium audio products from Bowers and Wilkins have one mission in mind – making a better product. My favorite set of headphones – the P5 Wireless Headphones – are made by Bowers and Wilkins and honestly, until I tried them, I didn’t know what I was missing. All the little nuances of sound were brought to life when I put those headphones on.

When I first found out about the Zeppelin Wireless speaker, also by Bowers and Wilkins, I was ecstatic. First of all, I love wireless technology and have been searching for the ideal wireless speaker for my home for quite some time. It’s difficult to find the right combination of quality sound and the ideal wireless technology options – Apple AirPlay, in my opinion. Fortunately, Bowers and Wilkins designed the Zeppelin with the same premium quality that they designed the P5 Wireless Headphones with.

Zeppelin Wireless Speaker Review

Zeppelin features state-of-the-art Hi-Fi technologies coupled with seamless wireless connectivity in a very unique package. The speaker is oblong and looks like, well, a Zeppelin aircraft. It features 2 x 25mm double dome tweeter, 2 x 90mm FST midrange, and 1 x 150mm subwoofer. The speaker has a frequency response of 44Hz to 28kHz. It will connect through RJ45 Ethernet or Wi-Fi networks, an Auxiliary port (3.5mm jack), Bluetooth, or USB. In addition to these details, Zeppelin is also designed to work with Apple’s AirPlay, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Finding out that Zeppelin worked with AirPlay was music to my ears!

When I received Zeppelin, I was immediately taken with its size. It measures 7.4 inches high by 25 inches long. It’s big! The speaker is designed to fill your entire space with enormous sound. We installed it on my desk as there was a nice open space available for it. To anyone interested in the speaker, I would recommend making sure you have a space planned for it. This isn’t the type of speaker that you can just ‘fit in’ somewhere. Zeppelin is designed as a single, simple, smooth-designed speaker. Bowers and Wilkins removed any trace of a dock on the unit. This was a great design choice in my opinion because with iPhones constantly being updated, the Zeppelin isn’t limited to being compatible with a single iPhone.

Zeppelin Wireless Speaker Review

The set-up for the Zeppelin was incredibly simple. You take it out of the box, plug it in, download the app, and connect to your wireless network. Once you are connected, you just select “Zeppelin” from your AirPlay menu and start playing music from your favorite app. We literally had the speaker set up and amplifying music from our phones in about 3 minutes. I’ve used a lot of wireless speakers in my search for the ‘perfect’ one, but have been met with a lot of challenges. Sometimes they won’t connect to my network. Sometimes you have to use an app to connect. Zeppelin works flawlessly and only requires the app for set-up. Once it’s set-up, you can leave it and not have to worry about the speaker until you connect to it.

Zeppelin Wireless Speaker Review

I’ve been using the Zeppelin now for about two weeks and I have not had any issues with connection, or sound quality. I’ve been playing music and podcasts though my Zeppelin and have enjoyed a rich, clean, clear sound that I’ve not found with other speakers I’ve reviewed in the past. After using the Zeppelin, I’m spoiled. I think this is the speaker I’ve been looking for.

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