A Zen-like experience from a flexible USB multi-charging dock

The Zentree is a product that can help bring joy to your life by helping you charge your most used devices. The green silicon stand structure in a white planter style box symbolizes growing grass and even if you’re locked behind your computer screen, it gives you some fake grass to enhance your office environment. And, while it can’t actually grow on its own, Zentree can grow the power on your electronic devices because it is a 4-port USB charging dock.

Zentree Smart Docking Station REVIEW

As I acquire more and more devices, docks like the Zentree start becoming very handy. They help to organize devices on a desktop and also provide a one-stop shop power source for all of them. As I mentioned the top is made from a soft silicone rubber, which helps protect devices from scratches and will also help to prevent them from sliding off. The charging dock part of the Zentree utilizes Smart IC, which will automatically negotiate the best charging current for devices. This technology also helps provide reliable, safe charging for multiple devices. The 4-port USB charger provides a 2.4A maximum output for each of the charging ports. So, you can feel safe charging everything from the smaller MP3 player up to the largest 12-inch tablet.

As much as I love the Zentree, I do see a couple of areas for improvement. First, the dock does ship with charging cables, but it only comes with Micro USB cables. I have iOS devices so having two short lightning cables included with the dock would have been great for iOS device owners.

Zentree Smart Docking Station REVIEW

Second, the rubber feet used on the bottom of Zentree are made from a material that leaves marks if the Zentree is slid across or moved on the surface it’s sitting on. I have a white photo studio box that we take our product photos for MacSources in and Zentree’s feet completely stained and scuffed up the area. It left me with a mess to scrub and because that’s a place we have to keep super clean, it was not a Zen-like experience for me.

As for charging, the Zentree does a wonderful job. I have been ecstatic with my Zentree and think the good outweighs the few complaints I had. It’s an excellent docking system for your devices.

Zentree Smart Docking Station REVIEW

I have other multi-charging docks but none like the Zentree. Most of the others are designed very similar thus making the Zentree very unique. Something I truly enjoy about it is how it can handle both my iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. I’ve yet to find a dock that can easily hold the massive size of the iPad Pro.

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