Businesses can now see ROI on online ads that include both online conversions and in-store Walk-Throughs.

Zenreach, the industry leader in brick-and-mortar marketing solutions and the creator of Walk-Through Rate™ technology, became the first company today to offer omnichannel visibility that allows businesses to see both online and in-store shopping attribution from online advertising efforts. 

This first-of-its-kind technology is a new way of measuring return on ad spend (ROAS), taking into account both online conversions as well as in-store Walk-Throughs for holistic measurement and attribution. Zenreach works with brick-and-mortar businesses to drive more people into physical storefronts and can now let companies know exactly how their online ad spend impacted their in-store foot traffic as well as their site traffic. Furthermore, with their point-of-sale integration capabilities, Zenreach can also identify the precise customer spend driven from marketing efforts — or whether they spent at all. 

Zenreach CEO John Kelly says, “The new features we are rolling out today will allow our partners to measure the full impact of their digital campaigns by tying in-store Walk-Throughs and purchases directly to ad exposure. By utilizing our new technology, retailers will no longer have to guess whether or not the valuable ad dollars they are spending are having a positive impact on their business and bottom line. This is the future of omnichannel marketing.”

Zenreach’s 360-degree approach to marketing visibility allows companies to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience, including whether they’re shopping online or in person. Customer data can be segmented in an extremely granular manner to analyze ad performance — using campaign, location, specific ad creative, and time period as analyzers. Zenreach provides the opportunity to have a bird’s-eye view of performance by location with new map visuals depicting customer Walk-Throughs and revenue driven from ad campaigns in real-time. 

Foot traffic is measured using the store’s guest WiFi signal to monitor when a customer enters the store, using deterministic attribution rather than the probabilistic models that the industry is more familiar with. This data can then be segmented to know which in-store customers have seen their online marketing campaigns and which customers have not. Zenreach helps businesses create sustainable, personalized contacts with customers, both online and offline.

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