Interesting take on an AirPod Case

I am not a fidget spinner type of person but my daughter jumped on the bandwagon right away when those annoying spinners became popular. That being said, I do understand how they are helpful for people who need to fidget in some sort of way. When it comes to fidget spinners, I never would have thought about turning an AirPod case into one. I think it’s sort of genius since it eliminates the need to carry both a fidget spinner and AirPods. Now you just carry your AirPods and you get a protective case along with a unique option to have a fidget spinner.


The ZenPod is the first ever spinning case for AirPods. Air Vinyl Design has created a dual-purpose product that brings new style and functionality to the AirPods. The case is the high-quality, top-grain Nappa leather case from Air Vinyl Design’s Classic AirPod case paired with two high-precision steel bearings. The bearings are the base for the fidget spinner, which is brushed and anodized aluminum. The inner lining of the case is an impact-resistant polycarbonate frame to keep your AirPods protected. And, just like the classic series case, the ZenPod features a slim design with Chamfered edges so that it will easily fit into pockets.


I just recently became acquainted with Air Vinyl Design within the past couple of years and I’ve really liked what they have brought to the table for AirPod accessories. At first, they were offering simple vinyl stickers that allowed you to customize the plastic exterior of the AirPod case. Next, they started developing leather cases to house the entire charging case of the AirPods. I was pretty impressed with the overall design of that original case and the only real issue I found with it was that you didn’t have access to the pairing button on the back of the AirPod charging case. Since this is the same design with the added fidget spinner, you still have the lost access of the pairing button, but if you are only using the AirPods with an iOS device, you really don’t need to have access to it.

ZenPod AirPods Spinning Case REVIEW

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of the design of this case and the addition of the fidget spinner. But, then I realized that it was sort of an ingenious design because the AirPod case is just the right size to spin around between your fingers and even on a desktop. I was really impressed with how well the spinner moved, too. It remained even and smooth. The only thing I would really be concerned about is dropping the case because you are playing with it.

Overall I have found for the price, you are getting solid protection and a decent spinner. I did end up having a couple of problems with the ZenPod. First, unlike higher-end fidget spinners, it’s not going to be well-balanced. I don’t think this is a limitation of the case but rather about the way the weight is designed inside the AirPods charging case. My second problem is the leather hinge of the case. I find that opening it over and over again is causing some harsh wear on the edges and I think sooner rather than later, the space where the flap meets the body will come apart.


For the price (around $30 at the time of publishing), it’s not a bad option when it comes to cases for the AirPods. It’s nice to see a case doing double duty and for the people who like fidget spinners, this will be nice. You should be cautious about playing with the spinner too much though because you could potentially wear out the leather on the case or drop the case.

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