ZENBRE Z4 Wireless Stereo Waterproof IPX4 Speaker

9.3 ZENBRE Z4 Wireless Stereo Waterproof IPX4 Speaker REVIEW


  • Crisp, clear, deep sound
  • Can be used as desktop speakers
  • Long battery life


  • A small connection delay
  • LED light not clear about indications
Ease of Use

Exceptional speakers at an affordable price.

With summertime upon us, there are few mobile accessories better than Bluetooth speakers. They give us the ability to share our music with many people and turn regular get-togethers into makeshift parties. I’ve had the option to test out many different Bluetooth speakers over the years and I usually find at least one unique ability from each speaker I test. The Zenbre Z4 Bluetooth Speakers are remarkable in that they can pair together to create a True Wireless Stereo system. This feature is what really makes these speakers stand out to me. 


The Zenbre Z4 Bluetooth Speaker is a hearty, well-made speaker. The speaker boasts an impressive 20-hour playtime and has enhanced bass. It’s surprisingly powerful for a smaller tower speaker. The Z4 has a 2x5W amplifier combined with 2×2″low-frequency radiators plus a subwoofer. The Z4 is equipped to provide True Wireless stereo sound when paired with a second Z4 speaker. The speaker is designed to provide 360 degrees of surround sound and it utilizes Bluetooth 4.1 for stable, efficient connection and power usage. The Z4 is rated at IPX4 and is resistant to water splashes from any angle. The speaker is made from waterproof fabric and its ports are covered by a rubber seal.

ZENBRE Z4 Wireless Stereo Waterproof IPX4 Speaker REVIEW

User Experience

I was provided two of these Z4 speakers by Zenbre for the purposes of testing out the True Wireless feature. While I was certainly intrigued by this option, I decided to start with a single speaker and work up to the dual speaker pairing. As a single speaker, the Z4 is a great partner for any mobile phone. Once paired, it has a very deep, rich sound. I was surprised to find that the speaker will increase/decrease sound independently of the host device’s volume. This means it has an internal amplifier and doesn’t just control the host device. This is something that is surprisingly rare with Bluetooth speakers and one feature that makes me want to invest in one speaker over another. 

The sound quality is a solid 8 out of 10 in my opinion. It has provided a really nice mix between highs and lows and the bass has a nice rich timbre to it. I listened to several different styles of music as well as vocal/spoken tracks from movies and TV shows and found that everything sounds equal and well-mixed. I was actually pleasantly surprised with this because I’ve used other Zenbre speakers without getting those kinds of results. I had a very enjoyable experience using the small tower speaker as a carry along accessory and would have no problem recommending it to other especially with its $40 moderate price tag. 

ZENBRE Z4 Wireless Stereo Waterproof IPX4 Speaker REVIEW

As for the dual stereo speaker option, It’s not a particularly hard set-up once you follow the instructions, but if you try to do it blindly (without reading the instructions), you might have some difficulties. First of all, the pairing is done exclusively through the speakers’ button controls. You have to turn on both Z4 speakers and then press/hold the play/pause button until you hear a short notification tone. At this point, you will see the LED indicator on the ‘host’ speaker change from blinking to steady while the satellite speaker stays blinking. Now, you will connect to the host speaker and be able to play through the pair as a stereo set-up. 

Now if you have already paired to a single Zenbre Z4 with your mobile device, you may want to ‘forget the device’ so that you can more easily connect to the stereo set-up because each speaker will show up as “Zenbre Z4” and if you’ve already connected to it, it can get confusing. Once they are paired, it’s a great option for not only parties and get-togethers but also smaller desk set-ups. I currently have a desk that is only 23 inches deep. That can be hard to work with when it comes to adding in a speaker set. That said, the Z4s have been a welcome addition. The only thing I would suggest with this is that you charge them each night or at least every two nights to keep cable clutter to a minimum. 

ZENBRE Z4 Wireless Stereo Waterproof IPX4 Speaker REVIEW

There are only two things I would love to see updated on these speakers. First, the buttons are a little hard to press. They have a softer feel to them and you have to press hard in order for it to register. I’d also love to see the LED indicator provide more information. For example, I don’t really get a low battery warning, but know that the speakers need to be charged when they won’t pair with each other or my phone. 


The Zenbre Z4 speakers are a fantastic option for any type of user, but those looking for the added feature of having a dual speaker set-up won’t be disappointed. For less than $100, you can have two well-made, easy to use speakers. The speakers do take just a few seconds to pair to your mobile device, but once connected, they don’t seem to have any issues staying that way. 

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