Tripod has massive potential and a reasonable price

The Zecti ZT-006 Camera tripod was a welcomed surprise for this reviewer. Not only am I an amateur photographer but I also dabble in astronomy and recreational shooting. A sturdy and reliable platform for my equipment is crucial to my hobbies. That is precisely what I’ve found in this tripod.

Zecti ZT-006 Camera Tripod REVIEW

I’ll start by telling you that the ZT-006 offers a number of options to suit the user’s needs. At full extension, the tripod stands 55.5″ or 1410 mm tall. I’m 6’1″ so honestly it could’ve been a little taller but I didn’t find it uncomfortable to use. If you’re a person my size, I would suggest the next size available. That said, the Tourism Tripod is still incredibly useful. Obviously, it can be used as a standing tripod, but also as a monopod. Conversion from three legs to one is simple and fast, with no tools required. Sacrificing two legs for convenience and mobility didn’t affect performance at all. The aluminum alloy construction and well made flip locks make single leg feel as solid as the full tripod. Of course, a tripod that doubles as a monopod isn’t very uncommon these days but in

Zecti ZT-006 Camera Tripod REVIEW

Of course a tripod that doubles as a monopod isn’t very uncommon these days but in addition, the ZT-006 can be used as a tabletop stand. The legs fold out to almost 90 degrees making it ideal for binoculars, video cameras, spotter scope, telescope, or any other device that you might want to use on a tabletop. I think this would be especially useful at the shooting range spotting or on the deck birdwatching. Also, the main support of the tripod can be reversed placing the camera between the legs making it ideal for macro photography. Did I mention this was a useful tripod?

There are two perpendicular levels on the swivel head which allow the user to get the best shot in any position necessary. Also, the swivel locks in place with the twist of a knob and can be changed quickly and effectively to meet the user’s needs. The quick release plate closes firmly and easily which is very important when changing equipment on the go. When you add it all up you get a great tripod.

Zecti ZT-006 Camera Tripod REVIEW

Okay, form and function are clearly covered. But what good is it if you can’t get your gear where you need it? Portability is key when choosing a new stand for your equipment. Zecti nailed it. Included in the box is a nice padded bag to carry the fully assembled unit with you in your travels. They included a sleeve just for the swivel mount to protect from dust and debris. Additionally, there is a belt pouch to be used with your monopod. Weighing in at 3 pounds, with a max load capacity of 11 pounds, the lightweight construction makes this a wise investment for anyone looking for a useful platform for their optics. With a suggested retail price just under sixty dollars, I am pleased with the performance and features the Tourism Tripod has to offer.

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