InvisibleShield screen protectors for iPhone provide extreme protection that stands out.

Several years ago, I didn’t see the need for a screen protector on my phone. I felt that my iPhone’s screen was strong enough on its own. Then, one day I noticed a scratch — something more than just a surface scratch. It was deep and you could actually feel the groove of it when you ran your finger across. Fortunately, my screen never cracked, but it was an annoyance and as soon as I discovered it, I wanted to do everything I could to prevent it from getting worse. So, I added a simple plastic screen protector. It wasn’t much, but it provided some protection against scratches. What it didn’t help with was impact protection. This is where the InvisibleShield screen protector from ZAGG really shines.

ZAGG is a company known for their protective covering films that keep devices pristine and the InvisibleShield is the #1 selling screen protector in the market. There is an entire product line that includes the following:

  • Sapphire Defense
  • Glass+ Luxe
  • Glass+ Privacy
  • Glass+
  • HDX
  • HD
  • Original

ZAGG InvisibleShield for iPhone

We’ve recently been able to test out two of the InvisibleShields – the Glass+ Luxe and Glass+ Privacy for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus respectively. The InvisibleShield line of products have some really cool features including – military grade standards, high definition clarity, oil resistant/smudge resistant, and precision touch sensitivity. ZAGG really prides themselves on these features as well as the protection the films provide and the easy application process. In the years since I’ve come around to a screen protector being a ‘must-have’ accessory, I’ve found that some screen protectors are much easier to install than others. The InvisibleShields that we tested are made from glass. So they are more rigid than plastic film screen protectors are. This already makes them easier to install. The two pieces we tested out came with complete installation kits including a wet wipe for cleaning the surface of your phone, a dry microfiber cloth, a dust repellent sticker, and of course, the screen protector itself.

ZAGG InvisibleShield for iPhone

The instructions for installation are included on the sleeve that contains the glass. They are very easy to follow. First, clean and dry your screen completely. I cannot stress this enough because it would be very easy for dust to get trapped between your screen and the protector. Once that is done you simply line up the screen protector on the face of your phone — I typically use the home button as my center point on the phone. I’ve had very little trouble lining up a screen protector using that as my main point of reference. Once you get it lined up you gently lay the screen protector down on the face of the phone and from the center of the screen, push down towards the edges of the phone to get out any air bubbles. I was very impressed with out easily the screen protector adhered to the phone. It made pushing the air bubbles out very easy.

ZAGG InvisibleShield for iPhone

The two screen protectors we have some unique features. The Glass+ Luxe features 3X edge-to-edge shatter protection, while its durable polycarbonate frame comes in colors that complement any iPhone while the Glass+ Privacy includes Ion Matrix™ technology and a two-way, side view privacy filter combine to protect your device from screen damage and curious eyes. Both screen protectors feature extreme impact and reinforced screen protection for your phone and it’s really a personal preference about which style you want. They are both very touch sensitive and I’ve not had any issues with a missed touch connection. They are also both compatible with 3D Touch. This is a big bonus as some screen protectors are not.

ZAGG InvisibleShield for iPhone

I find both the Glass+ Luxe and the Glass+ Privacy are superior screen protectors to other in the market and they offer a lot in the way of protection for your phone. Plus, with the InvisibleShield line of products you get a lifetime replacement guarantee (for the life of your device).


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