Powerful sound, Protective Case, Perfect Pairing

I have had the pleasure of testing numerous varieties of headphones: over-the-ear (circumaural), on-ear (supra-aural), in-ear (intra-aural), stereo/mono, wired/wireless, poor quality to fantastic. It is by personal preference, that I choose the circumaural vs supra-aural. I find that these produce a good sound, often some external sound reduction and do not lead to the fatigue that can occur with earbuds. Some come with no case at all, some with a drawstring bag and occasionally a harder clam shell case.

Yunyida New Bee NB-9 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones REVIEW

The Yunyida New Bee NB-9 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones arrived in a plain cardboard box. The top of the box has the name of the device “New Bee” in the center. Along the bottom right is a logo describing a 45H super long battery life. I will be honest, that got my attention as a perfect camping option. Charge once and likely have a good week of medium usage. Two of the sides of the packaging are plain/empty and two contain the name of the product. The back of the packaging shows the NB-9 model, the name, the color (Red/Black/Brown) and some features of the headphones. The listed features include padded ear caps, step tracker (Interesting), headphone control panel, adjustable headband. Inside the box, the product is nestled inside of a very handy hard-shell case. The case contains all of the product and the accessories.

Clamshell Case:
It is hard to say which is better, the headphones or the case. The case is a black hard shell, with white labeling “New Bee” on the top and a red accent/zipper. It also has a small black nylon strap with a non-weight bearing carabiner. This allows you to attach the case to your backpack, to your belt, or possibly to your tent. The case measures roughly 7.5″ by 5.5″ by 3.5″ and weighs 11.3 ounces. The stitching is well done, and the zipper is strong. The case does a really good job at protecting the headphones. Unzipping the case is very smooth and separates the two halves of the clam shell very well. The top mesh compartment contains the NB-9 instruction manual, 4 foot 3.5mm to 3.5mm Jack, and 32 inch USB A to micro USB cable. The accessories are safely contained away from the headphones, which have their own half of the clamshell. Honestly, I really enjoyed this case, it protects the headphones very well.

Yunyida New Bee NB-9 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones REVIEW

The Headphones:
The headphones come folded up inside of the case. Open them up and look just above the soft foam ear cups. You see an L and R slightly raised above the plastic rim. If you get confused, put the controller panel over the right ear. The ear pads are soft and comfortable. There is a rim of soft padding along the arching head rest as well. These headphones seem designed for comfort, resting over the ears/top of the head without causing any fatigue. These are not truly around the ear, rather resting on the ears. I know one of the most important tests of headphones would be the sound. However, it does not matter how good it sounds if it is not comfortable on your head.

Position them over your head and hold the top button for 3 seconds until you hear “power on.” Go to settings on your device and find NB-9, and you will hear “Device Connected.” After this initial setup, you will only need to turn on your headphones. The remaining battery is displayed at the top of the IOS device, which is convenient. To get a feel of the button layout of the headphones, turn to page 1 of the instruction manual. Here, you have a detailed diagram of the headphones and the buttons. Page 2 gives you a reasonable how-to description. The English type of the manual is passable.

Yunyida New Bee NB-9 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones REVIEW

The headphones have 4 buttons on the right earpiece. The top button is the on/off/answer/stop button, then the 2 side buttons are volume up/next and volume down/previous. The bottom button is the play/pause button. At the bottom of the right earpiece is the microphone, the LED indicator and the USB micro charging port. The device will support up to 2 pairings with 2 devices at a time. It also supports NFC communication. I have no other devices to test this feature. I did test the call feature and just like other headphones, this is passable and feels like a distant add on. It picks up a lot of the background noise for the person on the other end. The buttons are responsive, the sound is fantastic, but the microphone is just okay.

According to the manual, the device has a built-in LiPo battery 800mAh that will last up to 45 hours on 1 charge. I have played with these headphones now for about a total of 10 hours and the charge on my IOS device is still at 2/3. In fact, I have already charged my iPhone 6S plus overnight twice without any noticeable decline in the power of the headphones. I am really impressed with the battery life.  If you forget the device and it is not connected to Bluetooth, it will turn off after 10 minutes.  However, if you leave your device on and leave the pairing, the headphones will remain on.  I typically hold the power button and turn off my Bluetooth devices anyway.  You will hear “Power off.”

Yunyida New Bee NB-9 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones REVIEW

The range is standard Bluetooth range of 10meters or up to 30 feet (barring interference). A really interesting included feature is a step counter. To use this, you must download the app. It appears that this app is only available on Android. I have an IPhone 6S plus and thus was unable to test this feature. It is not a loss, as I have an Apple Watch, which counts my steps. If you have an Android Device, select the QR code and get the App. The instruction manual will walk you through this very well. The instruction manual does have other languages, which is a nice feature. If you press the + and the – button simultaneously it will cycle between languages on the headphones. The NB-9 usage is quite easy, you will be up and running within about 30 seconds. You definitely cannot get upset at the battery life, especially when it only takes 3 hours to charge. I did charge the device once after the above test. I used the device about one hour nightly every night this week. At this pace, I may be able to go an entire month on a charge.

The Sound:
To test my headphones, I tend to use the same songs and soundtracks to get a comparison. I will say that the headphones did surprise me. The bass was great for Josh Turner “Long Black Train,” the “Why So Serious” Joker Theme from Dark Knight Rises (listen from 3 to 4 minutes), and the Braveheart soundtrack. The lows were dynamic, as proven in the opening sequence of Star Wars Attack of the Clones. The lows were well supported by the treble, listening to “For The Longest Time,” Billy Joel, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” by Queen and by listening to the Far and Away Soundtrack. However good this may sound with these songs, there was some intermittent popping/cracking. This was positional and seemed more related to the room I was in than the headphones. I think that this was distortion/disruption of the Bluetooth signal. I turned to audiocheck.net and used their site to blind test my hearing and headphones. I was able to blind test the headphones with a one-decibel difference (up, down and flat) of a 10/10 and 0.5 decibel 8/10. I can detect a 20cent pitch increase from a 440 test tone 8/10 times. These were all with 2 bars of sound on my iPad Air2 and using these headphones. These speakers are LOUD!

Yunyida New Bee NB-9 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones REVIEW

The range of these headphones that I was able to appreciate was 20Hz-14KHz. Some of this may be due to my personal hearing (age of 34 years old). Below 20Hz was intermittently audible, but I think it was harmonic distortion and not real (human hearing is 20Hz-20,000Hz (20Khz). The upper limit of my hearing was 14KHz, younger individuals may be able to hear higher frequencies (my hearing is quite good for my age). The quality was amazing as well, using the bass shaker, I did not get the weird rattling that some devices will exhibit. If you have not had a chance to evaluate the audiocheck.net site, it really is eye opening. These headphones seem to pair nicely with my innate hearing ability and provide good full sound in the ranges I am capable of hearing. This is likely a true test for most users.

I was really impressed with the headphones and with the case. This combination just simply works. I had no use for the step counter and could not use the feature anyway, as it is a Google Play App. The sound is much better than I expected, with good bass and treble. The telephone answering aspect feels like an afterthought, or as a “just add another feature.” I do not care that it is there, it is nice to be able to answer a call. If there is much going on in the background, your caller will notice a lot of ambient noise. This is well worth the purchase, for both the headphones and the case. I rate the product at 5/5 stars.