YoWindow shows your the weather at your home, not just numbers.

With the change of the seasons comes unpredictable weather. In the past few years, I’ve noticed that the weather predictions have gotten a lot more accurate and as a result, people are much more prepared. Along with this accuracy in weather predictions, I feel that more people are taking advantage of weather-related apps to keep themselves prepared.

yowindowYoWindow is a weather-related app that not only gives you the forecast, but also shows you the weather in a beautifully designed landscape background. It reflects the weather patterns happening outdoors at your location and demonstrates it within the background animation. The app includes a full featured weather station with lots of information including current temperature, high/low forecasted temperatures, wind speed, barometric pressure, humidity level and precipitation. YoWindow also provides a 6-day forecast for your area.

YoWindow was originally designed for Windows OS, but has recently transitioned to be a Mac OS app as well. It’s a fairly clean app with a easy-to-understand interface. Two of the features I really liked about it were the time scroll feature and the background animation. The time scrolling feature allows for the user to scroll through the hours in a day to see what the conditions will be at that specified time. There are a lot of weather apps that give users an hourly forecast, but I’ve never seen the option to scroll through the hours. The other feature I enjoyed was that the background changed with the time of day and type of weather that was happening.

The design of YoWindow is a little clunkier than I would expect from most Mac Apps, but it is very functional. I could tell it was an app designed for Windows and simply transferred to Mac. There have been plenty of apps that have both Mac and Windows versions, but I usually can’t tell them apart. This one felt like it was designed for Windows.

I do recommend the app for its uniqueness in features. It’s available for download in the App Store or by clicking the link below.