YoWeather-iOSYoWindow brings real-time weather to the palm of your hand.

Last week, we released a review of YoWindow for Mac. YoWindow is a living weather app that gives you the weather report in real-time to what is happening outside your window. It comes preloaded with landscape environments that experience your local weather at the same time you do. YoWindow is a full featured weather station with information like high/low forecasted temperatures, wind speed, sunrise/sunset times and more.

In the Mac review of this software, I mentioned that it was originally built for Windows OS and that the design seemed clunky for a Mac app. While I feel that was true for the Mac version, the iOS version feels much different. In short, I think YoWindow works much better as an iPhone app than a desktop one.

My favorite feature of the iOS version is that you can use screen gestures to check out the hourly forecast. If you swipe your finger to the left or right, you will see what the weather will be like later in the day. To return to the current time’s weather, simply tap the “Live” button.

I also really enjoy the sound effects. It’s sort of a built-in white noise machine if it’s raining outside. There are also some little touches that make this app special. There are hidden object that can be revealed by shaken the phone or iPad and if you are on the airport scene, the name changes with the real location.

YoWindow gives you a living weather landscape in the palm of your hand. It is free to download from the iTunes App Store.