Update brings improvements and fixes to the popular productivity app.

Eternal Storms Software today announced the immediate availability of Yoink 3.3, a substantial update to the company’s popular productivity app for Mac that simplifies and improves drag and drop. Besides adding the ability to bring back its last removed files and better sharing options, the update features many smaller improvements and fixes.

Yoink simplifies and improves drag and drop of files and app content by providing a temporary place for files to be dragged to. With your files in Yoink and your mouse free, you can more easily and comfortably navigate to the destination of your files. This is especially helpful when it comes to moving and copying files between different windows, Spaces or (full screen) apps.

Yoink fades in when you start a drag – either with files from Finder or app content, like an image from a website – offering you a temporary place for your dragged files. Without having to keep the mouse button pressed, you can now quickly and comfortably navigate to the destination of your files. Yoink is very customizable, so you can make it fit into your workflow perfectly. Among other options, it can be positioned at the left or right edge of the screen (at the top, center or bottom), you can tell it to only fade in when the mouse cursor is at the edge of the screen or to show at the mouse location, for even quicker drag and drop.

New in Yoink 3.3 is the ability to bring back previously removed files from Yoink, so if you moved a file using Yoink, but need to move it again, or copy it to some other place, you can now bring back that file by either keeping the app’s hotkey (by default, F5) pressed or by right-clicking onto Yoink’s window.

The update also focuses on feature-parity with Finder, so you’re now able to share files right from Yoink. Even its “Open With…” menu now allows you to search the Mac App Store for file-extensions. It also makes it easier to add URLs from browsers, via a simple right-click onto the link. Speaking of links, Yoink 3.3 now optionally shows favicons for .webloc files added to it, which allows for far easier identification.

New Features in Yoink 3.3

  • Bring back previously removed files to Yoink
  • Either by keeping its shortcut pressed or a right-click onto its window, this allows you to recall a file to Yoink you just moved out of the app
  • Share files right from within Yoink, just like in Finder
  • Quicker adding of links to Yoink from a browser, via the macOS’ Share menu
  • Added .webloc files now optionally show the site’s favicon for easier identification
  • A file action for the app Alfred, to make it easier to add files to Yoink right from Alfred
  • Many improvements regarding the UI, UX, and app compatibility (like Firefox and Safari)
  • Several bugs and memory leak fixes

Pricing and Availability
Yoink 3.3 is available on the Mac App Store for the price of $6.99 / £6.99 / €7,99. It is a free update for existing customers of the app. A free, 15-day demo version is available at http://eternalstorms.at/yoink/Yoink.zip. Yoink runs on Macs with OS X Lion 10.7.3 or newer. OS X Yosemite and newer is recommended.

DOWNLOAD – Yoink 3.3 – Update

For more information, visit eternalstorms.at/yoink.
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