Handsfree headset shows promise but cannot deliver consistent results.

On the MacSources test bench, today is a generic Bluetooth headset which most closely resembles the Jabra Eclipse. In my experience, you get one of two extremes with knockoff products. Extreme number one, you can’t tell the difference from the real thing. Extreme number two, it looks the part but doesn’t work well. This little headset, unfortunately, falls into the latter category.

If all we were reviewing is looks, then this headset would have gotten 5 stars. It looks just like a high-end business Bluetooth headset and absent Jabra’s branding; it could be mistaken for the Jabra Eclipse. Sadly this is where the similarity ends as this headset is good at looking like a high-end product only.

YKSH Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Handsfree Headset REVIEW

The setup was difficult as it was hard to put the device into pairing mode. There is only one multifunction button on the headset and a long press is supposed to start pairing. I finally got it to enter pairing mode after 5 attempts.

Once paired, I attempted to push the multifunction button to activate Siri to make a call. This resulted in the headset saying “powered on” and then doing nothing. I pressed the button again and I received the message “power off”. I once again turned on the device and found that I now needed to repair the headset with my iPhone. This pattern repeated itself four times before the pairing actually stuck and I could use the headset.

Audio Quality
The button then worked for Siri and I made several test calls and listened to part of a podcast (more on that later). I can say that once the headset was connected properly, the audio quality was excellent. Phone calls were clear and there was no static even when my body was between the headset and my phone. The podcast playback quality was also clear and crisp.

YKSH Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Handsfree Headset REVIEW

Battery Life
This device has a lot going against it, but I am willing to forgive certain things as this device is a clone and the price is insanely cheap. A little static here and there or the occasional repairing, I could overlook. However, the one thing that is a deal breaker for me is the battery life on this headset. Once fully charged, 30 minutes of use results in 50% remaining battery. Use it for another 30 minutes and you’re done for the day.

Final Thoughts
The sad thing about cloned devices is that something small and relatively simple to build like a Bluetooth headset could be nearly identical to the original device. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if this knockoff headset is being manufactured in the same factory as the Jabra Eclipse. However, it is clear that the designers of this headset have cut every corner possible to produce something that looks the part but cannot deliver good or even consistent results. I would recommend purchasing genuine Jabra equipment. You’ll spend a bit more upfront, but you will have far less trouble throughout the life of your Bluetooth headset.

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