Great protective, minimalist case for the iPhone.

I don’t typically put cases on my phone. I typically feel that if Apple executives are comfortable carrying around their phones naked, then I can do it, too. I’m not perfect though and accidents do happen. For those reasons, I do like to keep one or two cases on hand for those times that I might be traveling or working in a location that isn’t phone-friendly. Because I don’t like to keep a case on my phone, I do prefer slim cases or ones that are design with the minimalist in mind. I happened across one from Amazon that tickled my fancy — the Yesgo Clear Rugged iPhone 7 Plus Case.

Yesgo Clear Rugged iPhone 7 Plus Case REVIEW

This case is a dual layer case that consists of a soft anti-shock TPU farm and a hard scratch resistant PC back for drop protection. The transparent backing really caught my eye because I don’t like to “cover up” my iPhone. It has such a great design that I don’t want to see it blocked in any way. The clear back of the Yesgo case allows the natural design of the iPhone to be seen. I have the matte black version of the iPhone 7 Plus and I really love the look of the black Apple logo on the back. Being able to see the phone while still having it protected is a really great feature to me.

Yesgo Clear Rugged iPhone 7 Plus Case REVIEW

Aside from the dual-layer protection, the Yesgo case also provides a raised lip to protect the screen and a unique slot design for the camera that is raised enough to account for the lens. This helps to protect the camera from direct impact. I recently had a small mishap where my phone slipped from my hands and fell about 6 feet to a concrete driveway. I was really fortunate because the phone actually hit very close to the camera lens, but it wasn’t damaged. This case would have prevented any concern I had since it provides protection for the camera.

Yesgo Clear Rugged iPhone 7 Plus Case REVIEW

I really like the minimalist design of the Yesgo Clear Rugged iPhone 7 Plus Case. It protects without adding a lot of bulk to the phone. I can feel good about having the sides, back, and front of my phone protected while it still looks good. The case comes in two color options – Black or Rose Gold. It is ultra slim (only 0.4″ thickness) and provides easy access to all the buttons and Lightning port on the phone.


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