Unique charger provides quick charges for all devices.

Y-CHARGE [QUIK] Car Charger Review 3If there is one accessory that I think all mobile users should have it’s a USB charger for their car. I personally have three that I keep in my car for various road trips. The first adapter I had only had one port. It was very helpful, but as the need has grown for more ports and more power behind it, so has the market for car chargers. Accessory designer, TYLT, has come up with a rather unique device, the Y-CHARGE [QUIK] Car Charger. It’s a charger that is designed to push more power out to larger devices. For example, the Y-Charge [QUIK] has a 4.7A high powered output. That’s enough power to charge two tablets at their maximum rate. In addition to that, devices that support QuickCharge will charge up to 75% faster than with other chargers.

Y-CHARGE [QUIK] Car Charger Review 4The Y-Charge [QUIK] is also a ‘smart’ charging device. This is a newer class of products that senses your device’s power needs. The charger will then provide the maximum charging rate that is designed to charge your device with. This is very helpful as you don’t have to worry about overcharging or inserting your device’s USB cable into the wrong port.

I’ve been a fan of TYLT for quite some time now and have owned many different car chargers. But, I’ve never seen one with such a unique design. As the name suggests, the charger is a ‘Y’. The power adapter end that goes into the cigarette lighter is just a bit longer than most of the other chargers I’ve used. It’s ‘Y’ junction splits into two ports for USB charging. I’ve used other TYLY USB Charging products and found them to be of greater strength that other chargers in the same class and feel that the Y-Charge [QUIK] is no different.

Y-CHARGE [QUIK] Car Charger Review 5The only issue I have with this special charger is its size. And, this may just be because of my usage, but my main cigarette lighter sits just in front of one of my drink holders. Any time I am charging something, it gets in the way of a drink that needs to sit in that holder. This is a very minor issue, but one I felt I needed to address as others might have the same consideration.

All in all, this is a wonderful product with a very unique design.

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