Tracker helps you to find misplaced things.

Bluetooth Trackers have been around for some time now. We’ve looked at a few different options here at MacSources, but for me, none of them work. It’s not that they don’t function, it’s that I can’t hear them. You see, I’m hard of hearing and the high-frequency pitch that trackers emit are in a range of sound that I can’t hear. The trackers that ‘claim’ to be louder have more volume, but since they aren’t the right pitch, I can’t hear it. So, when I found the XY4+ from XY FindIt, I was a bit skeptical, but willing to give it a try.

The XY4+ is a small Bluetooth Tracker that is designed to have twice the range, four times the volume and five times the battery life as other Bluetooth trackers. It’s small enough to fit on your key ring, backpack, or even on your dog’s collar. The device itself is a thick plastic and it comes with a metal locking loop that will make it easy for you to connect the tracker to different objects. All in all, it’s a pretty simple design, but like so many things, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

XY4+ Find It Tracker REVIEW

The first question I had was, “How can it be that much better than other trackers?” According to XY FindIt’s website, the XY4+ is improved from their XY3 model and in comparison to other trackers in the market.

  • 2X the Range: The XY4+ has a range of up to 300 feet. XY has integrated Skywork’s RF amp and Dialog’s 14585 Bbluetooth SoC into the XY4+ to increase its range. These components allow it the broadcast with more power.
  • 4X the Volume: The app allows you to ring your tracker with a loud buzzer. XY FindIt did this by adding an improved buzzer amp by Diodes Incorporated and optimized buzzer piezo by Challenge Electronics.
  • 5X the Battery: The battery is replaceable, but will last up to 5 years. It’s a coin cell that XY FindIt added because it’s more powerful and the battery combined with the extremely efficient Dialog 14585 Bluetooth chip, the XY4+ can reach up to 5 years of battery life for your finder.

Here is a complete comparison chart from XY FindIt’s website.


XY FindIt’s trackers are designed to work globally with GPS, cellular, and Bluetooth technology. It connects to your phone’s app (Android or iOS) and then you can see where it’s located on the app’s map or call for it, which causes the tracker to ring. The app shows the last known location of the tracker, which can be helpful if you misplaced your keys. It simply helps you to retrace your steps. The ringer option works when it’s nearby, but out of sight AND it works both ways. If you have your tracker, but can’t find your phone, you just tap the button on the XY4+ and your phone will chime (as long as the app is open).

XY4+ Find It Tracker REVIEWXY4+ Find It Tracker REVIEWXY4+ Find It Tracker REVIEW

XY4+ has a lot going for it. You can set-up a Geo-Fence so that you are notified when you are within a certain range of it and the device itself is water-resistant for added durability. I didn’t have any issues with set-up or with the device working. For me, the real test was if I would be able to hear it. I’m happy to say that I could, but only a bit. It does ring with a deeper tone than other trackers so I could tell something was happening, but it was faint. I also want to point out that I tested the sound out in a house where there wasn’t a whole lot of background noise. If I had been in a crowed area, like an airport or busy office, I don’t think I would have been able to hear it.

XY4+ Find It Tracker REVIEW

I do like the XY4+ better than its competition simply because it is built a little tougher and the battery is replaceable. If you are like me and can’t hear the typical trackers, then XY4+ might work better for you.

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