An affordable cable that does not meet expectations.

As technology evolves, I constantly feel as though consumers are struggling to catch up with accessories. Companies like Apple do a good job of providing brand-name cables and other accessories, but sometimes their cable solutions are too cost-prohibitive. How would you feel if you found out you could get a third-party cable that costs 30% less than the brand name? This is the niche market that Xuma helps to fill.

The USB Type-C to Lightning Charge & Sync Cable is a budget-friendly option for connecting your Apple devices to USB-C compatible devices. The cable is designed to connect USB Type-C and Lightning devices together. It’s compatible with all iOS Lightning capable devices. It’s also compatible with USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports on Mac and Windows devices. The cable will support 60W fast charging for the iPhone and iPad (with compatible power adapter). This type of cable from Xuma comes in two lengths — 1m or 2m. I was fortunate enough to be able to use the longer cable.

Xuma packages their cables in a simple green and white box. There is a transparent window that allows the customer to see both ends of the cable. To test out the cable, I pulled the cable out of the box and connected the Lightning end to my iPhone 11 Pro and the other end into my MacBook Pro. I was happy to be immediately greeted with the charging chime from my iPhone. It was quickly followed by the charging battery icon. This one step proved that the cable was capable of charging my phone from my computer.


After the initial test was confirmed, I expected the iTunes icon to start bouncing up and down to indicate that it was connected to the computer and ready for syncing. The icon never moved. I opened up iTunes to see if the phone would appear, but, to my surprise, it did not show up. We tried to use my fiancé’s phone (an iPhone 11 Pro Max), but it did not open for sync either. I continued allowing the phone the charge for a bit. After some time had passed, I unplugged the phone and then plugged it back in. This time, the phone started syncing through iTunes.

The Xuma USB Type-C to Lightning Cable is a very nice charging cable for iOS devices. The cable is MFi certified so I don’t have any problems with the safety aspects of the cable. I don’t have any good explanation of why the cable was intermittently syncing, but I believe that it was a fluke and that it will work just fine in the long run.

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