The XShot Trek Camera Adaptor will allow you to capture that shot anywhere you go.

I am a huge fan of tech and love when I can use a device in multiple ways.  I am currently a father of 2 Cub Scouts, a Wolf (Second Graders) and a Lion (Kindergarteners).  We have become very involved with our pack and love our camping excursions.  We typically will hike/camp with our backpacks, and may use some form of a walking stick.  Recently, I have upgraded a standard branch/walking stick to a Trek Pole.  I have found it is more comfortable in my hand and easier to grip.  Additionally, it has a rubberized tip that can be removed for a variety of situations.

Xshot Trek Adaptor

Xshot provides a Trek Hiking Pole camera adaptor, to allow you to capture images wherever and whenever you may want.  The front of the retail packaging shows a shadow of a hiker in the background and the adaptor behind a clear blister pack.  The device is listed as ultra-lightweight, compact and fits any phone, and GoPro cameras. The XShot Trek Adaptor essentially is designed to turn your hiking pole into a selfie stick.  The device is basically a two piece kit.  The base is a trek pole tip adaptor with a tightening screw.  Just above this is a nut that can be removed.  You can then attach this adaptor directly to a GoPro or to a Muvi camera.  As a bonus, the product includes the ratchet strap, which will allow you to attach your phone to your trek pole or to other GoPro mounting options.

The ratchet strap will expand and lock into place to fit most iPhones inside of cases (the packaging lists iPhone 6 plus, iPad Mini, Android).  On the inside of the strap, you will find markings for the various devices.  It claims that it will fit an iPad Mini.  However, I am not certain how it will accommodate that device.  The rubber strap of the XShot Trek Adaptor will stretch and it did accommodate my iPhone 7 plus inside of an Otterbox defender case. The adaptor attaches very well and very securely to the end of my Trek Pole.  There is a small button on the front of the device phone clip, with a button hole in the rubberized Trek Pole strap.  Ideally, you could attach this to a pack or to a belt, but I would be concerned that it would pop open and you would lose it.  If the attachment were a little more secure, I would definitely consider carrying it attached to the outside of my pack.

Xhsot Trek Adaptor strap

The device is truly lightweight, weighing 1.5 ounces.  The magic in this device is the multi-utility that is built into the modular design.  I love that I can attach my Muvi Camera to the base and that I can use the top clip to attach to my iPhone 7 plus to other Muvi/GoPro gear.  There are many times that we are hiking and cannot take good pictures/self-pictures.  This adaptor would be a very worthy addition to hiking gear for anyone using a Trek Pole.  Even if they do not have a trekking pole, the price of ~$13 is incredibly reasonable for a phone mount for GoPro and for a Trek Pole GoPro mount.  I rate the device at 5/5 star, as it serves multiple roles.  It really does feel durable and has the added bonus of being lightweight.

Xshot Trek Adaptor iPhone 7 plus


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