XShot Sport Camera Extender Pole is quick and easy to use for multiple uses.

While at CES 2016, in Las Vegas, NV, I had the pleasure of talking to the team with Xshot. They are an amazing company, whose products are designed to help you fuse tech with adventure. Having lived in multiple states, Florida, California and North Carolina and traveling to many more, I have seen the beauty of this technology. I have had the same Samsung Galaxy S4, for a very long time. It was at CES this year that I finally decided an upgrade was for me, and I decided to get an iPhone 6s Plus as my upgrade. My son, who also uses the iPhone 6s Plus, had upgraded his case from an Otterbox defender Glacier white to a Catalyst case. This was good news for me, as I now had an Otterbox defender with belt clip. Here is the dilemma, many of the phone mounts do not work with the case. The case limits access to the lightning and the 3.5mm headphone jacks as well. So, it was difficult to take pictures, specifically when you cannot mount to a tripod or to any kind of selfie stick.
XShot Sport Camera Extender Pole Review

Xshot solved this problem with their Adventure Grip and Mini tripod, which has been reviewed already. Once I had a secure mounting option, I was able to utilize the Xshot Sport Camera Extender Pole. The packaging for the XShot Sport is well done and quite eye catching. They make great use of color and clear plastic, displaying the actual item behind a clear plastic layer. The container was very easy to open. The instructions are simple to follow and it even gives helpful hints on special features like the easy open and close ability that was incorporated into its design. I put my phone into the Adventure Grip Holder (Reviewed previously), and then mounted it to the selfie stick so that I could use the video mode.

The quick lock or unlock feature comes in handy all you need to do is push down on the top and turn the handle clockwise to extend it to any length you want or reverse the procedure and collapse it. I experimented with making it different lengths then collapsing it trying to see if it would jam. It handled the testing perfectly. I am too cautious to use this with my phone without testing it first. I then added the XShot Phone Holder attachment that allowed me to place my old Droid on it. This did not expand enough to fit my iPhone 6s Plus and case. However, combining the Adventure Grip and Sport Extender proved a perfect match.

XShot Sport Camera Extender Pole Review

I extended the stick and took a couple of pictures to try it out. The stick worked great and I did not experience any issues. I then mounted the Adventure Grip Holder (this item was reviewed previously), and placed my I phone 6S Plus in the holder. I then proceeded to test the stick again. Once again it functioned great. However I did notice that at full extension there was a slight bow in the stick, which I attributed to the weight of the phone. This didn’t affect the camera or pictures I took. Next I installed the XShot Sport Camera mount and put my Sony Cyber Shot Camera on it, it also passed with flying colors. Following that, I mounted the Go Pro and lastly I mounted my Kindle Fire 8 and read a book with it on the Tripod mount,it worked great. I used the stick with the Adventure Grip Holder to hold my IPhone to take some pictures of a 40 acre piece of property I am trying to purchase, it is very wooded with thick brush. The stick allowed me to reach thru the brush to get photos of the creek that runs along the edge of the property. Since the selfie stick was salt water resistant, it was taken to a water park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was put through its most rugged test on the water slides, with the GoPro mounted on it. My 5 year old granddaughter used it on some of the slides and the only issue that was mentioned was that it was a little long in the collapsed position. I would recommend Xshot products to anyone who wants a dependable Selfie stick, with all the accessories they need for any occasion. It is now with me everywhere I go, so that I am prepared for any adventure.

XShot Sport Camera Extender Pole Review

Pros: It’s quick and easy to use. The instructions are simple and easy to follow.
Con: A remote is recommended for the camera as it makes it so much easier to take pictures with the phone or a camera. The included mount is not big enough for larger cases and phones. However, it pairs nicely with the Xshot Adventure Grip (seen below).

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