XShot provides an ultralight compact camera mount, perfect for GoPro and Muvi cameras.

When camping and hiking, every ounce matters. I have been on multiple cub scout hikes and have experienced the need to carry only what is necessary.  A light pack becomes a heavy pack, towards the end of a hike.   Additionally, I have left cameras, left video equipment behind and missed those shots as there was no good way to mount/capture the video.  Our cub scout pack recently went to Cumberland Caverns and did a prolonged cave tour.  I had my iPhone 6s plus on my right hip inside of a Catalyst case.  I missed some pretty amazing shots, images that would have been captured with an extendable pole.  The Action Ultralight Camera pole from Xshot will serve that role.

The product arrives in a visibly appealing retail package, with extreme sporting graphics along the front bottom.  There is a clear window in the top left demonstrating the GoPro mount and the black plastic pole with a clear handle.  I do not have a GoPro, but I do have a Muvi camera, which uses similar mounting gear.  The Xshot device promises to be ultralight, despite the ability to extend from 7″ to 32″.  To fulfill the ultralight quality, the company constructed the Xshot handle from Aluminum.  Additionally, they coated the device to be resistant to salt water corrosion.   With the attached GoPro mount and a 2 oz weight, this device is ideal for action lovers and those on the go.

There are no included accessories with the product.  However, you will not require anything, if you are using a GoPro/Muvi camera.  The included dual prong mount, that was provided with each camera, will fit into the triple prong base of the Xshot device.  Remove the screw using the external plastic nut, insert the camera mount into the XShot adaptor and then reinsert the screw.  You can position the camera at an angle and then lock it down by tightening the nut.  If you want to reposition the camera, you will have to loosen the nut, reposition and then retighten the nut.

There is a negative to the camera mount.  You will have to use a remote control to capture your images/videos with your camera.  There is no electronic connection between the pole and your camera and thus no button in the handle.  Additionally, I absolutely love the wrist strap but wish it was solid black.  I do not like the white “xshot.com” labeled not the strap.  The coloration is attractive, the quality is durable and the aluminum feels resilient.  The screw is easily tightened/loosened and the pole will extend to any position from 7″ to 32″ securely.  The device is lightweight and does meet the standards documented on the packaging.  You can use this device for your smartphone, but you will need a smartphone mount. The Xshot Trek Camera adaptor works perfectly to attach your phone to the pole.  It may be top heavy but will work fine. Lastly, if you need a Bluetooth camera button, you can purchase this through Xshot as well.

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