Never hurt the environment or waste money on Canned air again

As someone who has a life that revolves around technology, I have wasted plenty of money on canned air. It’s one of the things I despise purchasing because between hurting the environment and having the cans sometimes spit liquid onto my devices, they just aren’t worth it. Until now, I’ve seen them as a necessary evil – something I had to have, but didn’t really want to spend money on it. I always thought there had to be a better way to transport compressed air and as it turns out, there is. John Scherer, the CEO and Founder of Canless Air System had the same thought I did and developed a new way to clean your precious tech devices with the X3 Hurricane Canless Air System. 

X3 Hurricane Canless Air System REVIEW


Canless Air System began replacing canned air in 2011. It has a line of Hurricane dusters that are a simple, innovative idea that helps people break free of traditional canned air. It’s environmentally safe and only uses the air you breathe. There is no difluoroethane or hydrofluorocarbons to worry about. The X3 Hurricane Canless Air System is the strongest unit available by Canless Air System. It produces an air blast over 260MPH and will run for 15 minutes straight. The unit is equal to over 5,000 cans of traditional duster. It’s designed for corporate use as well as use by IT professionals. 

X3 Hurricane Canless Air System REVIEW


The X3 Hurricane device comes in a very plain cardboard box. There is an image of the device on the box, but in my case, the box was actually the shipping box for my X3, too. It comes packaged with a few attachments an AC charging cable and some instructions. Even though I found the box to be lackluster, it was easy to identify the product from its box. The box is white with black and red writing on it. So it’s easily distinguishable from other products on a shelf.  

The first thing I noticed was the weight of the X3. It’s not terribly heavy, but it is noticeable at its base. I really like the fact that the weight sits mainly in the bottom of the canister because it keeps the device well-balanced. It is recommended that you charge the X3 completely before its first use. The instructions even state that it doesn’t come fully charged out of the box and that after a few charges, you should notice that the X3 will get stronger. After it’s been charged, you simply attach one of the cleaning accessories and pull the trigger button inwards to start the flow of air outwards. 

X3 Hurricane Canless Air System REVIEW



X3 Hurricane Canless Air System REVIEW


When I first used the X3 I was amazed at how easy it was. Within just a few seconds I had both my keyboard and my desk completely dusted off. The X3 is a bit loud and sounds somewhat like a leaf blower. You can actually control the amount of air flow that comes out of it based on how much you pull the trigger in. If you gently pull it in it will remain at a low consistent air flow rate. The longer you hold in the trigger 100% the more force is behind the air being pushed out of the can. You will also notice that the motor inside the X3 revs up and down. 

I compared the sound of the X3 to a leaf blower a bit earlier and the truth is, that is sort of what you have — a handheld leaf blower. It works brilliantly. The only area I found that it doesn’t do exceptionally well on is cloth. I have an XL neoprene mouse pad on one of my desks and there were some very small pieces of debris stuck to it (hair, etc.). The small specks of dust that were resting on the surface of the mousepad blew off with ease. But the hair that was stuck to the neoprene material a bit more needed to be knocked loose before the X3 would blow it away. Aside from that, I found the X3 to be an exceptional cleaning device — even for pushed dust off of some hard drives. 

The thing I like the most about the X3 Hurricane is that I can finish cleaning my tech without having to stop what I’m doing to run to a store and buy more canned air that will be used up and wasted after a few presses of the button. The X3 gives me the opportunity to clean my tech devices without endangering the environment and that’s a big plus to me.


The X3 Hurricane Canless Air System has really changed the way I clean my devices. It’s become a much nicer experience for me because I’m not constantly worrying about what I’m doing to the environment or the waste caused by the discarded cans. I love that this option exists and that it’s rechargeable. Is it worth the investment? Yes — it absolutely is. The regular retail price for the X3 is around $250, but it’s currently (at the time of publishing this article) being offered for a discounted price of $150 on Amazon. And when you weigh that against the cost of a can of compressed air (approximately $14 for a 2-pack on Amazon), you will end up saving money in the long run. The X3 Hurricane Canless Air System quickly became my favorite support device and I can’t imagine life without it now. 

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