The Stash case for iPhone allows you to store cards on the go.

I like to keep my phone in a case. It helps with keeping my phone in the best shape possible and adds longevity to the device’s lifespan. I’ve had mad experiences with accidental phone drops that render my phone useless. It’s much easier to just protect it with a case. There are a lot of different cases – ones that just barely cover the phone, some that cover every inch of the phone, and some that act as wallets. Sometimes a case can offer just a bit more than the standard protection for a phone. Such a case is Stash from X-Doria.

X-Doria Stash iPhone 7 Case REVIEW

In recent months, I’ve become a HUGE fan of X-Doria cases. I find them to be very well-made and a great accessory for the iPhone. Stash is a special case because not only is it an X-Doria case, but it is also a storage option for credit cards. It’s designed to look like a case and not a wallet, but it has a rear storage slot that has just enough space for up to 2 IDs or cards. The interior of the compartment is rubber, which keeps the cards safe and not in a place where they rub up against the phone. The only criticism I have is that the sliding compartment door is a little tough to slide open. You have to sort of pry it open before it slides. I’d love to see that fixed because that would just make it easier to use.

X-Doria Stash iPhone 7 Case REVIEW

Aside from the storage compartment, the Stash case is a very nice case. It’s a little bulky for an iPhone case, but I think that’s because it was engineered with the storage compartment. It’s made with an interior TPU lining to help with shocks on the iPhone. The rest of the case is polycarbonate, which protects the phone against impacts and scratches. Stash also has a raised front lip that keeps the phone’s face protected if it’s placed face-down on a surface.

X-Doria does not disappoint users with this particular case design. It is a little too thick for me to use on my dock, but I love the feel of it in my hands. It’s a very sturdy, stylish case that adds just a little bit more to your case experience.


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