Rumble case provides great structure with style.

For the past week, I’ve been testing out the Rumble case from X-Doria with my iPhone 7. It’s sleek and incredibly sturdy. I’m one of those phone people that likes to keep their phone in a case – regardless of how durable the phone is. With that in mind, I like a case that protects and looks good. That’s what struck me as awesome when I first saw the Rumble case. It really had a striking look to it that is unique and very functional.

The case wraps around the iPhone naturally and is built tough with a two-layer design to it. There is an interior piece of rubbery TPU that is designed to absorb shocks and the exterior is made of solid polycarbonate to deflect impacts and scratches. Even though the case fits the iPhone like a bumper-style case, when you handle it off of the phone, you can tell that it’s solid and protective.

X-Doria Rumble iPhone 7 Case REVIEW Protection with style

One of my greatest concerns with handling an iPhone naked is that it’s slippery. The backing of the iPhone is naturally slick and I’ve had many a phone drop from my hands simply because it is made that way. This is the main reason I want a case on my phone. X-Doria knew this was a concern of mobile phone users and they included an awesome grippy texture on the back and sides of Rumble.

The front of the case does have a lip on it to protect your phone’s screen against issues when it’s laid face down on a surface. This action is something I’ve actually taken for granted quite a bit. That is until I started getting scratches on the screen. Now, I really want either a screen protector on my phone or a case, like the Rumble, that has a lip on it.

X-Doria Rumble iPhone 7 Case REVIEW Protection with style

Installation of the phone is very easy. You simply slide the case over one of the corners – I recommend a lower corner – and then it pops into place around the rest of your phone. The buttons coverings are very tactile in nature and easy to depress. Some cases make you feel like you aren’t touching anything but plastic. Rumble’s coverings allow you to feel the button ‘click’ beneath it. I really appreciate that design feature.

The only complaint I have of the Rumble case is that I can’t use my charging dock with it. I have a dock that is designed to work with protective cases as large as Otterboxes, but the Rumble’s Lightning port opening is too deep for the cable end to reach it. I have resorted to plugging in a cable and leaving my phone flat on my nightstand. This is nearly a deal-breaker for me with a case as it’s my main test about whether or not I like it. But, since all the other aspects of Rumble are so strong, I may make an exception.

X-Doria Rumble iPhone 7 Case REVIEW Protection with style

Rumble for iPhone is a great case for those who want something protective and unique. You never have to worry about dropping your phone or scratching it up with the Rumble case protecting it. Rumble comes in several colors – Charcoal, Silver, Black Chrome, and Rose Gold (shown).

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