Mesh Band best third party band for Apple Watch

Apple Watch has been a staple on my wrist since its launch. I even placed my order for the Milanese Loop Apple Watch band when it first became available. I was in love with that band when it arrived but after about two weeks it lost it’s grip on me – in more ways then one. Apple’s Milanese Loop looks and feels amazing. The problem for me is that the band does not have magnet strength to keep from coming loose each time I take a walk or move my wrist here and there. Because of these little issues, I moved away from the Milanese Loop as my default band and tried others. There are some very nice leather bands from a favorite company of mine but after having a few defective leather bands ripping apart, again I was on the hunt. x-doria is a company that we have had some amazing luck with when it comes to quality products. So when they dropped their version of the Milanese Loop – Mesh Band – I was super excited.

X-Doria MESH BAND for 42mm Apple Watch REVIEW They do it better then Apple

X-Doria’s Mesh Band is made from 100% stainless steel. It’s woven, just like its Apple counterpart, and fully magnetic. The band comes in two colors – silver, which matches nicely with the stainless steel Apple Watch body, and Charcoal Black, which is beautiful with the Space Black watch body. As of today, they are only available for the 42mm watch body but at the rate that X-Doria is expanding their product offerings for the Apple Watch, I would expect an option for the 32mm watch soon. The Mesh Band fits 130-180 mm wrists and it’s very easy to install. You simply snap it into place like you would the Apple brand bands and then adjust as needed.

I have now been wearing the Silver X-Doria Mesh Band for quite some time now and have only switched it out to use the Charcoal Black version that we received. Their band feels great – just like the Milanese Loop – but unlike Apple’s band, it stays in place. The magnet must be of a stronger variety. X-Doria even built new wonderful-looking lugs that hold the band to the Apple Watch better and stronger than other third party bands. They are solid and I don’t think there is any chance of them breaking.

X-Doria MESH BAND for 42mm Apple Watch REVIEW They do it better then Apple

I’m exceedingly happy with the X-Doria Mesh Bands for Apple Watch. They are probably the best third party watch bands in the market. To be honest, when I first saw them, I wasn’t impressed as I did not think they would have the style I wanted. But, once I had the Mesh Band on with my watch, I realized how wonderful it looks and feels.

Offered at a substantially lower cost than the Apple Milanese Loop ($149-199 versus $49), X-Doria’s Mesh Band is a great accessory for the Apple Watch. Because of my experience with this band and other exceptional products from them, I’m eager to see what X-Doria comes up with next.


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