Protect your iPhone X from up to a 12-foot fall with the DEFENSE ULTRA case from xdoria.

Like going to the movies, before too long we will have to trade a kidney to get a smartphone. I thus cannot understand how people leave their phones sans protection and survive au naturel. With so many varieties of cases on the market, there has to be an option for everyone. If you have not looked into cases from xdoria, I would highly encourage you to check out their wares.

X-Doria Defense Ultra Case REVIEW

The xdoria Defense Ultra iPhone X case arrived in an attractive 4 1/4 inches wide by 7-inches tall by 3/4 inches thick retail package.  The 12-foot drop-tested (4 meters) case was brilliantly displayed upon the cover, with a raised, glossy, 6 1/4 inches tall by 2 1/2 inches wide photograph quality image.  Instead of a static image, the company captured the gut-wrenching moment of impact.  The action-packed cover was flanked by two black side panels with white “ULTRA,” “DEFENSE by xdoria” font.  The rear panel provided a 2 3/4 inches wide by 3 3/4 inches tall static image of the front and back of the iPhone X case, upon a clean white background.  Along the bottom of the white rectangle, you will find the website,, xdoriaproducts Instagram and Twitter handle.  The lower black rectangle showed the same drop rating hexagon, like the cover, and quad-lingual description of the meaning of the drop test rating.  Similar to the cover, the panel was rimmed by a 1/8 inches wide, visually appealing, silver border.  The white top panel provided a sturdy plastic hanging tab, and the black bottom panel detailed the typical legalese verbiage.

X-Doria Defense Ultra Case REVIEW

Returning to the cover, I noticed a small white triangle toward my bottom right.  Lifting the magnetic cover, my eyes were immediately drawn to the 3 inches wide by 6 1/8 inches tall clear-plastic window.  The window was rimmed with a 1/16 inches wide silver border and had a  31/32 inches wide by 1 9/32 inches tall cutout.  Appealing to at least two of the senses, X-Doria did a great job at representing their product.  The inner flap of the magnetic cover provided three rectangular sections.  The upper black sections detailed the aluminum reinforcement, the middle and lower sections provided labeled diagrams of the “Military-Grade Machined Metal Protective Case, Certified To Survive 12’ (4m) Drops Onto Concrete, DropShield Polymer Absorbs Shocks,” and “Acoustic Channel Directs Speaker Forward.”  In addition to English, this information was provided in French, German and Spanish.

X-Doria Defense Ultra Case REVIEW

I opened the lower flap and slid the clear plastic tray downward.  The 1.65-ounce grey iPhone X case had precision cutouts for the posterior vertical camera, right-sided volume toggle, and the inferior lightning port.  Interestingly, they only provided a cutout for the right speaker because the left speaker was angled forward with four small vent cutouts.  This feature conveniently allowed some of the sound to redirect forward. The grey color of the back/sides were interrupted by a pyramid-esque, stair stepped aluminum section.  The rigid case had rubberized buttons for the power and volume up/down, which worked well.  The inner surface of the case had a lighter grey color and was rimmed by yellow. The internal backing had oblique venting cutouts and the sides had interlocking triangular cutouts.  To install the iPhone X, press the right side of the iPhone (volume up/down and volume toggle) into the case.  With the section secured, I pressed the top left corner and bottom left corner into the case.  When installed, I was pleased to find that the case allowed wireless charging with my Ventev Wireless Chargestand.

The sturdy case lived up to the Ultra Defense monicker.  I liked the split lower/forward facing speaker and the ribbed stepped sides.  If I had a single request to upgrade the xdoria DEFENSE case to version 2.0, it would be for the textured back to have a little extra grip. Overall, the case remained securely affixed, protected the screen from glancing blows and simply stated, just worked.  

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