X-Doria Defense Shield iPhone Case is a nice protective option for the iPhone – if you can get it on your phone.

Ever since I had an unfortunate accident with my original iPhone years ago, I have always kept my phone in a case. Most of the time it’s a protective case first and a stylish case second, but I have opted for the look first at times. Fortunately, X-Doria, a company known for its protective cases, has created a very unique-looking case turns heads and protects your phone at the same time.

The Defense Shield iPhone Case is a military-grade machined metal protective case that is certified to survive a 2M drop onto concrete. It’s been drop-tested and exceeds MIL-STD-810G for drops. Needless to say, the Defense Shield can handle itself and keep your phone safe. Aside from the metal bumper that is made from a solid block of aluminum, the case features a hard polycarbonate back shield and a raised lip on the front to protect the screen of your iPhone. What is really cool about this case is that the metal comes in different colors including a very unique iridescent, which reflect different colors with the light.

X-Doria Defense Shield iPhone Case Review

This may be the part of the case that I like the least. Installation is a little difficult until you know how to do it just right. There are two layers to the Defense Shield case – an inner rubber case that ensures impact protection for the phone and scratch protection so that your phone doesn’t touch the metal bumper case, which is the second layer to the case. Once the rubber layer in on the phone you have to slide the metal bumper over the top of it. It’s a tight fit and if you don’t do it just right, it won’t go into place. Now, for someone who doesn’t change their case, or need to remove the case for charging, it’s not such a bad thing for it to be a tight fit. But, for me, I would like a little more flexibility.

X-Doria Defense Shield iPhone Case Review

I want to start by saying that I didn’t complete any drop tests while using the Defense Shield on my iPhone. I did test it with normal daily use. I found it to be quite proficient in keeping my phone protected. One big issue I ended up having was charging. Because the Defense Shield has two rather thick layers, the ports for charging, the headphone jack and the mute switch are quite recessed. The case doesn’t come with an extension for the headphone jack, which is something I’ve seen with other defense-type cases. And, because of the recessed charging port, you can’t use it easily with most charging docks. I even have a dock that allows extra clearance for larger cases and while I was testing, I found that I had to remove the Defense Shield in order to use it. I also found that the buttons were a little difficult to depress while the phone was in the case.

X-Doria Defense Shield iPhone Case Review

Even though I found some issues with the Defense Shield by X-Doria, I think it’s still a solid case. It doesn’t work so much for me and my typical workflow, but it’s great for protection and has a unique style to it. The case does come in several different colors – Iridescent, Rose Gold, Silver, Gold, Red, Sport Orange, and Sport Green. And, it’s available for the iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus.

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