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One of my favorite movies is Office Space, a movie that really never gets old.  Even though I do not tend to have the requisite 15 pieces of flare, I still like to have my iPhone 7 Plus inside of a case and on a belt holster.  As I wait patiently for the arrival of my iPhone X, I still get to enjoy finding an amazing case for my iPhone 7 Plus. I have reviewed multiple styles of cases to include folio/wallet, Armor style cases from Catalyst/Otterbox/LifeProof, as well as a variety of bumper style cases. It is my opinion that a piece of tech as expensive as a modern smartphone, should have some kind of protective shell around it and some form of screen protection.  I am not a huge fan of the glass screen protector‘s, instead preferring liquid crystal protection from Whoosh.  Combining this technology with that of the X-doria Defense Lux case will allow a very lightweight, yet protective shield for your phone.

Xdoria defense Lux
The X-doria case arrives in a very attractive retail package. The cover displays the bumper case and details the use for iPhone 7s Plus/7 Plus.  This particular packaging was available prior to the decision to bypass the iPhone 7S/Plus for the iPhone 8/Plus.  Luckily, the phone sizing remained the same and the cases will work on the iPhone 8 Plus.  Lifting the front magnetic flap, you can see the black case through a clear window.  As a consumer, this form of product display is superior.  The upper flap details the military-grade machine metal shell, the shock absorbing rubber bumper, the ultra hard polycarbonate black shield, and an acoustic channel to direct sound forward. The upper diagram, coupled with the image on the cover provides a good overview of the case.  The back of the packaging details the 10 feet/3 meter drop certification and lifetime warranty.

Opening the packaging, the case is easily removed from the thin plastic holder.  Once removed, you can slide your iPhone directly into the case.  I started by adding the left side of the phone into the case and then pressing gently along the upper, right and bottom of my iPhone 7 Plus.  The 1.5-ounce plastic case is incredibly lightweight and will add very little heft to your iPhone.  The device has cutouts for the sound toggle, camera, and the lightning port.  The cutouts are incredibly well designed and line up with the iPhone perfectly.  Instead of a cutout for the power button and volume up/down buttons, there are included rubberized buttons.  The case provides convenient access to the phones main features and does a great job of protecting the back, corners, and sides of the phone.  This style of case does not provide protection against direct contact with the screen but does provide protection from glancing blows.  With slightly raised edges, you are more likely to hit the case and bounce off than you are to nick your screen.  For added protection, consider upgrading the screen with the liquid protector or a glass shield.

Xdoria Defense Lux bottom
I have used this case daily for the last week and found it to be more than satisfactory.  It is lightweight and you may likely forget that your phone is in a case.  The edges are metallic and cool to the touch, but the ribbed back provides a good surface to grasp.  I love the coloration of the case, as it matches the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus well.  I found the cutouts allowed me to perfectly access my phone, without any inconvenience.  To test the safety features of the case, I did drop my iPhone 7 Plus, purposely, upon each of the corners and once flat on its back.  To test this, I dropped the protected iPhone from about a foot high onto my hardwood floor. The case remained tight and there was no obvious damage to either the case or to my phone.  If I had a single request, I wish that there was a belt holster included with the case.  If you are looking for a minimalistic, attractive, yet protective case for your iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus, look no further than X-Doria.  At first glance, you may think that this would not protect your phone.  However it does more than just protect it, it adds a level of Class.

I would rate the case at 5/5 stars for protection, minimalism and look.

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