Impeccable bands for an amazing watch.

Believe it or not, I’m still rocking a Series 1 Apple Watch. It’s still ticking so to speak so why replace it? When I originally got it, I ordered it with the black Sports band from Apple. I loved how it performed, but I soon found that I, like many others, was somewhat allergic to the Fluoroelastomer bands. My skin couldn’t breathe properly when I wore my watch for long periods of time and as a result, I found myself with a horrid rash on my wrist. After I made this discovery, I switched off to a third party Milanese loop and I also used the fabric-based bands with no issues. Suffice to say, I was apprehensive about trying another ‘sports’ band since my skin is apparently sensitive to synthetic materials. I do however have great faith in X-Doria and their products so I decided to give the Action Band a try.

X-Doria Action Band for Apple Watch REVIEW

So, what makes the Action Band different from the Apple Sports Band? It’s all in the material. The X-Doria Action Band is made from silicone and not fluoroelastomer. Both materials are a synthetic form of rubber, but they are created through different processes and they contain different chemical formulas. They are both tough materials and ideal for these watch bands. As it turns out, my skin appreciates silicone much more than fluoroelastomer. Just last night, I worked out in 90-degree heat with quite a bit of humidity in the air. I was doing yard work and was outside for about 2 hours. With the Apple Sports Band, I would have started to see the beginnings of a rash, but I didn’t have anything from the Action Band. This alone is enough for me to sing the praises of the X-Doria product.

X-Doria Action Band for Apple Watch REVIEW

I also really like the dual-prong metal closure. It’s a very interesting design and it really does a great job of holding the watch in place. In addition to the prong closure, the buckle is also metal and adds a nice sense of style to the ensemble. I did find that this creates a bit of added bulk though and I will often remove my watch while typing if I’m using the Action Band. As a band for the Apple Watch, it’s easy to install and does not require any tools. Just like any other band, you can slip the end into the Apple Watch body and when it clicks into place, you know it’s secure.

X-Doria Action Band for Apple Watch REVIEW

The Action Band has a unique style to it. X-Doria offers it in several different color options. For the 38mm watch wearer, you have Green/Mint and Purple/Pink to choose from and for the 42mm user, you have those two colors and a Black/Yellow option. The Black/Yellow is actually similar to the Nike Sports Band and the yellow is closer to a neon green than yellow. The Purple/Pink 38mm is the band that is on my watch currently. The pink is a deep magenta and the purple is more like a red violet (if you are looking at Crayola crayons colors. The dual color style is nice without being gaudy and I really like the change from my solid color watch bands.

X-Doria Action Band for Apple Watch REVIEW

X-Doria has really done a nice job with this product. It’s a classy, strong Apple Watch band that can stand up to daily, active use. For around $35, it’s a bargain and is strong competition for Apple’s bands.

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