I am a list person. I make lists on a daily basis for both my personal and professional life. Generally, I prefer to write ‘to do’ lists on paper so that I can physically cross off items as I do them. I have tried many different iPhone ‘to do’ lists and haven’t found one that accomplishes what I would like it to do.

Recently, I found an app called Wunderlist. Wunderlist, created by 6 Wunderkinder, is a free task management app. Wunderlist is broken into three parts: web app, mobile app and desktop app. All apps sync through a free user-created Wunderlist account.

The starting screen for all versions of the app is the list manager. Users can create unlimited lists. These lists can be changed as much as needed to suit the user’s needs. The only list that cannot be modified is the default list, Inbox. Inbox is where tasks are deposited unless they are created within a specific list or if a user emails them to the app.

Tasks can be given a due date or starred depending on their importance. Wunderlist also has filters for the starred tasks, tasks due ‘today’, ‘tomorrow’, or ‘overdue’. Users can also reviews tasks based on the lists, or viewing ‘all’ the tasks at once.

Because of Wunderlist, I have been able to replace my numerous to do lists and have one-stop management for all my daily tasks. I recommend it for any other list people. It’s ease of use and availability make it a must have for anyone who needs to manage their lives by list.

Wunderlist was originally created in 2010 and is currently on version 1.2.1. Wunderlist is cross platform and available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Mac OSX.