Bluetooth earbuds provide great quality sound at an affordable price.

I’m over the days of having to hook my earphones to an auxiliary port. I love using bluetooth earbuds to listen to my music and podcasts on the go without getting tangled up in a wire. The Wotech Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds provide good quality sound and excellent bluetooth connection to my devices.

Out of the box I was concerned. They almost resembled the shape of the Apple headphones that just don’t ever stay in my ears. I know a lot of people have that issue as well. So I immediately put them on my ears and was very pleased that they did not feel uncomfortable and stayed put. The earbuds look and feel like other high end brands and the red and black color looks sharp. They included the micro USB cable to charge the earbuds, and a full charge took about two hours.

Wotech Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Using these earbuds doesn’t require a lot of learning. To turn on the earbuds you push the red button located on the chord and to pair you hold the button down. The device I pair with these type of earbuds is my iPhone 6 Plus. Pairing was almost instant, and the ID was listed at BYZ YS001 which is labeled on the box. To skip a song you hold the volume buttons, and to adjust volume you tap them quickly. Another feature included is answering phone calls. I’ve used some headphones that don’t make any noise when a call is coming in and this pair alerted me to incoming phone calls and I was able to use it without any issues and calls were clear.

Wotech Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

The sound quality is probably one of the best I have used. Though they didn’t seems to have noise canceling, they were just really crisp and clear. The bass was remarkable for earbuds and I was very impressed. I was able to walk the length of my house and even outside my house without loosing a connection proving that they have a 10 meter bluetooth connection distance.

These earbuds are my new favorite for listening to music because of the clear quality and non distorted bass. Also, they are on par with quality to high end brands without being overpriced making them my top recommendation for bluetooth earbuds.