WOTECH 10000mAh Two-Output Power Bank is lots of power in a small package.

I want to start off by saying, long gone are the days of having a dead battery on a device.  I love keeping power banks in my bags just in case I need to charge something (usually my iPhone 6 Plus) and I’m on the move.  If I’m in a public setting I like the convenience of a power bank to not resort to finding a wall outlet and hanging around next to it.  The WOTECH 10000mAh Two-Output Power Bank is small enough to toss in a bag and go about my day.

The device itself is thin and about 5 1/2 inches in length.  It weighs 6.4 ounces making it light enough to add to my already heavy bag.  The snow white color looks sleek and the side and back are a very light grey color.  On the side it has the power button and 4 blue led lights.  One light is equal to 25% of charge.  On the end of the power bank there is two places to plug in USB chargers labeled OUT.  There’s a port labeled IN for the micro USB cable that comes included.  This also does come with a bilingual instruction manual.

WOTECH 10000mAh Two-Output Power Bank REVIEW

The WOTECH 10000mAh Power Bank does come with a half a charge right out of the box.  Charging my iPhone 6 Plus in it by itself it does have a decent charge time.  It is capable of charging my phone completely without losing much of its own battery life.  Having two devices hooked in to the power bank the charging speed does decrease.  I would recommend not trying to use the devices while charging them.  I enjoy the lights on the side showing how much battery the device has left so I know what I need to be getting that charged as well.  A big bonus to the WOTECH power bank is the auto-shutoff after 1 minute if you are not using it.  Can’t tell you how many I’ve drained by not turning them off.

WOTECH 10000mAh Two-Output Power Bank REVIEW

This power bank can last quite awhile on one charge, making it to where you can charge beyond 1-2 devices.  I drained the battery out of it and it only took a little over 7 hours to charge which is perfect for throwing on a charger before bed.  My only negative that I’d have is the slowness of charging two at a time.  I doubt I will frequently run the need to use both ports often though.  I think this is a great solid product that does what I was intended for.  I’m very pleased with the charge my phone has right now thanks to it.