Motivate yourself to keep moving.

World Walking iOS App Review 3Several months ago, a client I was working with started their company out on a wellness plan that included a walking challenge. They worked through a company called WalkerTracker, which provides companies an option for tracking their step progress against preset trails and treks like the Appalachian trail. I found this to be an interesting way to motivate people to get moving. So, over the past couple of weeks, I did a lot of research in trying to find a website/app combination that would allow me, as an individual, to do the same thing. After many failed attempts, I eventually came across an amazing system called World Walking.

World Walking was started by a group of people with heart disease who needed to keep active and they did so by walking. “They bought a map, some pedometers, worked out their route and set off to walk 50,000 kilometers on a virtual trip around the World!” Eventually, the decided to spread their plan to the larger globe by developing their nonprofit group Inverclyde Globetrotters and then they created their website and app so others could participate, too.

World Walking iOS App Review 4One of the best parts of the World Walking system is that it’s free. You, as an individual, can join for free and use the website and app on Android or iOS. This was a big deal as I found many options for walking challenges, but almost all of them required a form of payment or subscription. It’s easy to use and the signup process only take a few steps and minimal information from you.

You can use the website exclusively from the app if you wish, but I recommend downloading the app, too. It’s a much easier way to track your progress and most smartphones come equipped with some sort of GPS, which helps to track your progress.

World Walking iOS App Review 5Now here comes the fun part.

World Walking comes preloaded with different walking challenges built in. Some are quite longer than others, but some a great for starting points. You can do multiple ones at a time and there are milestones preset along the trek. For example, I chose the Route 66 walking challenge, which is 5,235,821 steps or 2,231 miles. I realize that this will take quite a while to complete. If I were actually able to complete the 10,000 recommended steps per day, this would 524 days to actually complete. It’s ambitious, but it does keep me motivated to see how far I can go.

What is really cool and adds additional motivation is that the system has special information and milestones built-in. Again, for example, Route 66 starts in Chicago and when you open the app on your phone, you get some really fun trivia and information about the location. In addition to that, on the website you can actually look at the street view of where your progress takes you. It’s very cool.

World Walking iOS App Review 6Tracking is really easy. You can manually add steps if you have a separate pedometer from your phone, or you can start walks from the app and your phone’s GPS will add distance based on that.

World Walking is a very fun app to use and it works well for motivation to keep you moving. Plus, you can share your progress and challenge your friends and family by utilizing social media.

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