Efficient project resource manager for Mac.

Not too long ago, I worked as a Project Manager. It is a very time-intensive job and you are always on-call for your clients. If you are very organized, you can do very well in that profession, but even for the most organized people, managing a multi-resource project can be cumbersome. Many Project Managers utilize some form of software system to assist their project organization, but at the time, I didn’t have anything like that available to me. The organization I was working for didn’t provide it and if you are trying to make your own system, it’s like managing another client. So, when I started using Workspaces for Mac a few days ago, I thought, “This is a great tool for independent Project Mangers out there.” Let me describe it a bit more.


One of your main duties as a PM is to ensure that resources are sent to the right people at the right time. What Workspaces does for you is provide a dashboard for all the resources in a given project. It’s a very efficient and effective way to maintain order. You can quickly open assets and send them to the appropriate person involved with the job. The interface gives you the option to create a Workspace and then add Resources that go along with that project. The app has two main parts to it – the dashboard and the menu bar utility. Once you have a Workspace set up with its respective Resources, you can then manage them through the menu bar. It’s a very easy, at a glance option for working with multiple projects and elements.

Workspaces Workspaces

The feature I really like about this app is the ability to quickly open resources by just opening a simple menu bar icon. You can also view the resources you have already added to a Workspace to see if you’ve forgotten an element. One thing to note about this app is that you aren’t storing your project elements inside it. So, the app stays small. All it’s doing is creating an easy link to the elements that are stored elsewhere. I personally like this because it means you can keep your current organizational structure with your files, but link to them in the app and have really simple access to it all. One downside to this is you have to be careful about what you add. What I mean by that is if you are storing your files on an external file storage and you add it to your Workspace, when you disconnect, the reference inside the app will disappear. My suggestion would be to store your ‘live’ elements on your computer’s native hard drive and then archive the project to an external source once it’s completed.


Workspaces is a really nice option for someone who needs to keep track of multiple elements within multiple projects. It’s not resource-intensive so it is very fast and you have flexibility about how you actually store your elements. There are a few preferences you can set, but it’s not very customizable. Is it ‘perfect’ for Project Managment? No. It will bridge that gap though between no software solution and an advanced PM system.

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