Words & Cards is a great mixture of a word game with a poker game.

WordsCards1When I was younger, my mom and I used to play cards. Most of the time it was Gin Rummy, but sometimes we would play things like Go Fish or even Poker for pennies we had in the house. It was always a good time and even though we were both competitive, we really just enjoyed playing the game together. My love of word games also came from my mother. Little did I know that those games helped to build my vocabulary at an early age. Even though our little game nights were frequent, we never thought to combine the two types of play. My mom and I still play word games together, but it ends up being on our mobile phones. Now, we can have the enjoyment of playing both a word and card game with Words & Cards.

WordsCards7Words & Cards from developer Royal Palm Games and publisher, Ayopa Games. launched on March 26, 2014 for iOS. Words & Cards is a Scrabble-like word game with the added twist of an internal poker game. So, how does it work? When you start up the game, you are given the option of continuing a game that has already been started or creating a new game with one of two options – a friend on Facebook or a random player. A third option, playing against an AI opponent, is coming soon. You can also include a multiplayer element when you share the game with all of your friends on Facebook.

Once you’ve joined a game, you play a round. Each player gets five rounds in which to gain the highest score. You earn points by forming high scoring words and by playing the best poker hand. Both of these elements make up your points for the round. As with most games, there are bonus options to help you along the way.

WordsCards4Words & Cards also has an element with game currency, too. You can place bets about who will win the hand and earn coins for each game played. There is also a store where you can spend your credits.

All in all, Words & Cards is a pretty fun game. It’s a unique concept with a beautiful interface. With it being turn-based, it’s got a quick pace without rushing your round. Words & Cards is free to download in the iTunes App Store. It does have in-app purchases like a large coin pack and removing the ads

For more information, visit ayopagames.com/games/words-cards. Visit Ayopa Games’ social media sites by clicking the icons below. Words & Cards is a very enjoyable game and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys word and card games.