Bluetooth speaker offers unique wearable option.

I like unique devices. I especially like unique devices that have a purpose. When this speaker watch came across my view, I thought, “Now, that is a unique device.”

The Woopower Mini Bluetooth Speaker Watch is exactly what it sounds like – a speaker that you wear on your wrist. The speaker/watch face is about 2 inches in diameter and it sits about 1 inch off of your wrist. It’s big. It’s bulky. But, it’s a speaker you wear on your wrist and take with you everywhere. It connects to your device through Bluetooth so that you can stream audio to it. In addition to the Bluetooth connection, the speaker watch also supports TF cards and has an FM radio tuner inside it. You can use this as a speakerphone or a remote for your phone’s camera, too.

Woopower Mini Bluetooth Speaker Watch REVIEW

As odd as this little device seems, I can see applications for it. The sound quality isn’t bad and the volume level is pretty loud. I think the best, most practical uses for it include bicycle/motorcycle riding and remote locations. For example, let’s say you decide to go hiking and you are trying to keep your hiking pack light. This would be an ideal option to take with you. You could just attach it to your backpack and go.

As a wearable, I don’t really recommend this product. I wear an Apple Watch daily and so I’m used to having something on my wrist. And, I found this watch to be extremely irritating and uncomfortable – and that was only after about 10 minutes. It’s just awkward to wear. That being said, you don’t have to wear it in order to use the speaker. The strap seems to be made of rubber or silicone and is adjustable. You can easily attach it to the handlebars of your bike before a ride or even set it on a flat surface while you work.

Woopower Mini Bluetooth Speaker Watch REVIEW

As a speaker, I actually quite like it. It connected very quickly to my phone and the remote controls on it worked well. I wasn’t able to find an FM station that would connect to the watch, but it did enter the different modes correctly and never lost a connection to my phone. In fact, when I entered Bluetooth mode from radio mode, it automatically connected to my phone without being prompted.

The Woopower Mini Bluetooth Speaker Watch is a very unique device with a purpose. It’s an affordable option to some Bluetooth speakers and it puts out a nice sound.

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